What to Give a Globetrotter: 15 Awesome Travel Gifts Under $25

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Hi. My name is Susan, and I’m a travel addict.

When I’m not traveling, I’m working to save money for my next trip or dreaming about my last one.

So, I know what travelers want. And I’ve rounded up 15 items under $25 that might be a good fit for any globetrotters you know.

If I hadn’t already spent all my money on plane tickets (again…), I’d happily scoop up everything on the list.

1. Travel Spice Kit — $4.97

An awesome way to save money traveling? Cook your own food! But spices are pricy on the road.

This cute little travel spice kit solves the problem and sets your giftee up to cook a feast in their next hostel or Airbnb.

2. Handmade Makeup Bag — $10

I don’t care who you are; small cloth bags always come in handy.

Use them for makeup, jewelry or travel essentials like safety pins and hair ties. There are lots on the market, but I love these handmade makeup bags with a wanderlusty arrow design.

3. LUSH Solid Perfume — $12.95

Traveling with perfume isn’t fun… unless you use a solid perfume like this one from LUSH, a handmade cosmetics line that doesn’t test on animals.

Ooh, and also: They make great stocking stuffers!

4. Mini Portable Charger — $12.99

When you’re constantly on the go, keeping your devices charged can be a challenge — you don’t want to miss a turn or photo opp because your phone’s dead.

That’s why this mini charger is a nice gift. (It’s not much bigger than a tube of lipstick!)

5. Clip-on Camera Lens Kit — $11.99

Got a budding shutterbug on your list? Since smartphone cameras are getting better and better, many travelers are forgoing traditional cameras.

Help them step up their photography game with this smartphone camera lens kit. It comes complete with a wide-angle, fisheye and macro lens.

6. Folding Water Bottle — $13

Disposable plastic water bottles aren’t cool, but neither is carrying around a bulky Nalgene.

Vapur water bottles stand up when they’re full, fold up when they’re empty and help your giftee save money and avoid plastic bottle waste.

7. Personalized Globe Ornament — $13.05

We’re now entering the map section of the gift list. I included a few different items because… travelers really love maps.

This simple handmade globe ornament can be personalized with a name, date or meaningful quote.

8. Funny Passport Cover — $13.69

If your loved one frequently travels overseas, they might like a passport cover to keep their most precious document safe.

I’m in love with this handmade (and hilarious) passport cover because the sentiment printed on it is SO true.

9. Ticket Stub Organizer — $13.75

For the crafty traveler, this is a dream.

Rather than creating an entire scrapbook, your giftee just has to add ticket stubs and short descriptions to this ticket stub organizer.

10. Yoga Socks and Gloves — $14.97

Traveling and yoga go together like peanut butter and jelly.

The only problem? Traveling with a yoga mat isn’t very fun. This yoga sock and glove set will let you practice anywhere.

11. Wanderlust Travel Ring — $15.10


In one word, that’s how I feel about this chunky ring engraved with the word “wanderlust.” Can’t you just picture it on your free-spirited friend’s hand?

12. Map Wall Decal — $19.95

Does your friend have a big bare wall they need to decorate?

This wall decal is super cool and won’t damage the paint upon removal.

13. Map and Compass Necklace — $23

Your traveler may enjoy wandering, but may also have a city close to their heart.

If that’s the case, this personalized map and compass necklace might be a great fit.

14. Personalized Wooden Travel Flask — $24.50

I don’t normally carry one on my travels, but this wooden flask might make me change my mind.

I like the “And so… the adventure begins” quote on the front, and the fact you can personalize it with your giftee’s name on the back.

15. Travel Scratch Map — $24.99

Any international traveler would love showing off where they’ve been with this travel scratch map.

Fun, right?

I could look at travel gifts all day, but I’ll stop here. Hopefully this list provides a bit of inspiration as you hunt for gifts for your favorite travelers!

Your Turn: Do you have any travelers on your holiday shopping list?

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