How to Save Money Changing International Currencies

If you want to save money when you’re changing international currencies, but you’re still changing money at your bank, building society, the post office or a bureau de change – then read on.

There are various companies out there which have invested in the necessary technology to allow completely safe international currency transfers online. One such company is HiFX and with a HiFX money transfer you are very likely to save money for the simple reason that the company does so much business. At the end of the day, currency transfer is a numbers game so the more business a company is able to do with fewer overheads, the closer it is able to get to the spread.

Anyway, the great thing is that you can check in moments. Once registered with HiFX or other companies like it, you can quickly test the water in getting alternative quotes to see which comes out the cheapest. HiFX manages multi-billion pounds’ worth of foreign exchange deals every year – so it simply tends to be cheaper than the competition. And that’s all we really care about; there are really no other variables when it comes to foreign exchange; as long as the company is registered and reputable and the online systems are secure – then it’s simply a matter of price.

With HiFX’s straightforward online international payments service, you can change up to £300k online at the click of the mouse wherever you have web access. You don’t need to telephone anyone if you don’t feel like it; obviously, you don’t need to queue at the bank but the best thing of all is that you’re likely to be saving money as well. What’s more; all transfers over £3,000 are free – whilst for smaller amounts there’s a one off charge of £9.

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