Saving Money By Getting Healthy

Often when you hear about approaches to health and business the word ‘holistic’ is used with a fair amount of frequency. And while for some it may just be the buzzword-du-jour, it does actually have very powerful and far reaching benefits as a concept.

The holistic approach is where an entire thing is looked at rather than just the causes and effects within one component of it. Thus, if a patient presents with a sore back, rather than simply give that person some painkillers and send them on their way in the hope that the back pain subsides, a holistic approach would be to look at everything from the patient’s working environment to their posture and their lifestyle – exercise, eating habits and so on.

And by making positive changes to these, for instance in their posture and lifestyle, the patient could potentially benefit from more than just relieved back pain. I am of course using this example merely as an illustration – doctors would of course also be sure to diagnose the cause of the pain whenever possible!

And as it is with health, so it is with finances. If you’re looking to save a bit of cash, it’s often worth looking at your lifestyle and working out what changes you could make. Think of money spent on high fat or high sugar processed foods for instance, or that late night takeaway meal. For many of us there will be juicy savings when we opt to go non a healthy diet and cook for ourselves. And you might just be surprised by just how much shopping you can do in the fresh food section for the price of a takeaway meal!

And if we invest in our health there are other potential savings to be made – by ensuring we get our recommended amount of hours sleep every night, we’re helping to maximise our productivity during the day – and hopefully boosting our earning potential over time, too. And of course if you get to bed at a decent hour it saves on the electricity bill too (okay, so only maybe an hour or two, but calculate that over  a year and it’s a saving not to be sniffed at…

Other ways to invest in our health could include things like dental and health insurance – the former meaning that you can avoid nasty unexpected treatment bills while the latter allows you prompt care when you require it. There are alos of course different levels of cover, so investing in health needn’t be expensive.

Taking finances together with health can mean lower expenditure, a slimmer waistline – and hopefully a fatter bank and savings balance at the end of the day. A holistic approach for wide-ranging results.

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