Walmart Will Help the Kiddos Figure Out What They Really Want From Santa

Feng De Tong, right, shops for an American made Radio Flyer tricycle for her grandson, Jayden Hu, 2, at Walmart Supercenter store in Rosemead, Calif.
Feng De Tong, right, shops for an American made Radio Flyer tricycle for her grandson, Jayden Hu, 2, at Walmart Supercenter store in Rosemead, Calif. Damian Dovarganes/AP Photo

Halloween is over — now it’s time for Santa!

Sure, Christmas is still 52 days away (who’s counting?), but stores are already gearing up for the holiday.

And whether you’re an early shopper or a last-minute one, the question of what to get the kids is a tricky one.

You could ask them — or check their wish lists — but how do you know they’ll truly love what they’ve been yammering on about for weeks?

How do you know whether that coveted toy of the year really matches up with their skill set? And how do you know the toy won’t bug the crap out of you so much that you’ll want to throw out all the batteries in your house?

This is where Walmart comes to the rescue.

The superstore giant is offering a bunch of perks to entice shoppers to buy from its stores this holiday season — including three holiday parties hosted at Walmart Supercenters across the country.

The first, scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 4, has the theme “Toys that Rock.” According to a company news release, customers can pick up Walmart’s annual toy catalog and get stickers their kids can use to mark off the gifts they want.

But the best part in my opinion (and probably also for thousands of kids) is that children can actually go to the toy section and play with hot holiday toys during the event.

Being able to see your kid playing with certain toys before making a purchase can save you from having to hit up stores with a bunch of returns post-Christmas.

My own daughter has gotten many toys that she barely played with because they had too many small pieces or they weren’t good for her age — even though they were marketed to her age group.

And if we’re being honest, others were left collecting dust because they were just too loud or too messy for my sanity.

Letting the kids test-drive the goods doesn’t mean the element of surprise has to be ruined on Christmas morning. Parents can choose to order their gifts online and take advantage of Walmart’s new free two-day shipping on purchases over $35. More than 2 million items are eligible for that deal.

Santa will also be making appearances at Walmart’s holiday parties, so that’s another plus for the little ones.

Two more Walmart holiday parties follow Saturday’s “Toys that Rock” extravaganza: One is about throwing a great holiday party, and the other is about top gifts for the season that aren’t necessarily toys.

The “Parties that Rock” event will be held Dec. 2, and the “Gifts that Rock” celebration will be held Dec. 16. Contact your local Walmart Supercenter to see if it’s participating in these holiday events.

Nicole Dow is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder. She enjoys writing about parenting and money.

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