4 Ways to Make Money If You’re a Truck Driver

If you’re a licensed and experienced truck driver, you have a unique set of skills that not many possess.  As such, if you need to (or want to) and if your primary employer allows you to, you can easily get a side job to make extra money.  There are plenty of jobs to choose from, and who knows, maybe one day your side gig could turn into your own gig, especially if you want to be self-employed.

Here are some ideas:

1.  Mover.  If you have your own truck, you could work for yourself on the evenings and weekends as a mover.  Sure, you’ll need to employee some people to help you move the items, but you could easily start up this business and charge less than the major moving companies.

You know how careless some moving companies can be, so if you and your employees are careful of others’ belongings and offer a reasonable price, word of mouth referrals should come your way quickly.  This type of business could easily grow into a business that becomes your full-time job.

2.  Courier.  Couriers are also in demand.  Again, if you have your own truck, you could work part-time as a courier.  You get to take the jobs that you would like when they fit your schedule and pricing qualifications.  There are plenty of companies that offer courier services that you could look into.

3.  Delivery driver.  Many companies are in need of part-time delivery drivers.  You could sign up to work for a local bakery, uniform store, or any other type of store that needs drivers.  There are plenty throughout every town, so finding a local job shouldn’t be difficult.

4.  Tow truck driver.  Another option if you have a license to drive a truck is to work as a tow truck driver.  This job can be rewarding because you get to help people in need.  However, you also have to be able to handle confrontation, especially if confronted by the owner of a car that you’re towing away because it’s illegally parked, for instance.

There are many companies in search of part-time drivers.  If you’re a licensed and experienced truck driver, you could easily find one of those jobs.  Or, you could create your own work opportunity by creating a moving company that offers discounted prices compared to the large national chain moving companies.