5 Cheap Ways to Promote Your Small Business

Does your small business need some promotion strategies? While it may seem that promoting a small business is a monumental task, it is actually quite the opposite. In fact, promotion tools are quite easy to come by since social media has been embraced by companies both large and small. Below are a few cheap ways to promote your business that harness technology for results. Read on!

1. Twitter

Why not use Twitter for promotion? Twitter allows your business to connect with customers, business leaders in your industry, and engage in the most important promotion tool of all: talk. When your business is small, talk gives your company an edge. If a customer has a problem with your product and you listen to them on Twitter then fix it, you keep your business in step. Best of all, it is free to use! You can sign up to Twitter here.

2. Pinterest/Tumblr

Unlike Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr require more in-depth thinking. Pinterest’s user base is primarily female, so make sure that is your target audience. Promoting something that is not directly appropriate for the website could make your promotion efforts null and void. Tumblr, on the other hand, revolves around teenager interests; so again, keep your audience in mind. Both are visually centered social platforms, so make sure you adhere to it.

3. Email Marketing

Let’s say that your  small business has a Twitter and Pinterest following. Great! Now, you need to make sure that these people know what is going on in your business as much as possible. How? Email marketing. Simply by sending out emails for promotions or coupons, you engage consumers and build a base and business. Finding a coupon in an email inbox is always a nice surprise!

To get started with this you’ll need to setup you’re going to need a real email account (not a freebie from gmail or yahoo). Here’s a good email hosting provider to try.

4. Flyers, but not a million!

Flyers depend on the cost of paper and ink, so don’t go crazy with these items. But if you can target a small bulletin board area, then it is a cheap way for others to see your work. Some place suggestions? Ask a local coffee shop or restaurant where people gather on a regular basis. This way, people can see your services in real time, not just the Internet.

5.  A decent website

Why does this matter so much? When potential clients or customers look for you online, they expect a web presence. If the web presence is not there, or worse, horrifying, then your business could be hurt. Many blog platforms such as Weebly offer simple website building that will not scare away customers. Think black text on a white background, not purple text on a pink background. Now, if you are trying to sell to five-year-olds, pink might fit in somewhere.

You will notice that many of these promotion ideas are cheap, even free to use. Just make sure to use them right or they could backfire. Instead of investing money, you invest time with these strategies and build up your business relationships, exposure, and possible clientele.

Good luck Penny Hoarders!

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