2.7 Million Vehicles Were Just Added to Takata Recall — Will This Ever End?

TK Holdings Inc. in Auburn Hills, Mich., June 25, 2017. Paul Sancya/AP Photo

The Takata airbag recall is slowly (but surely) inching its way toward an expected 100 million cars worldwide.

Since the first vehicles with exploding Takata airbags were identified, at least 17 deaths and more than 180 injuries have been linked to shrapnel flying from the airbags when they deploy in a crash.

For those who haven’t been keeping an eye on the recall’s developments, another massive group of cars was just added to its list, and yours may be included.

The Latest Takata Airbag Recall Updates

Takata is adding 2.7 million Nissan, Ford and Mazda vehicles to the list of vehicles affected by potentially deadly airbags and parts.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released a statement Tuesday warning that these airbags can rupture if they’re not replaced.

The agency hasn’t released any reports of the airbag inflators — the propellant-filled components responsible for deploying the airbag — rupturing, as reported by ABC News.

The latest recalls affect the follow makes and models:

  • 627,000 Nissan Versas for 2007-12 model years.
  • 2.2 million Fords (models and model years are unknown, but more information will come).
  • 6,000 B-Series Mazda trucks for 2007-09 model years.

Takata filed for bankruptcy in late June, leading Chinese rival Key Safety Systems to buy the majority of the company’s assets for $1.6 billion. Critics of Takata, like U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, are still concerned over how long it’s taking the company to issue recalls and replace faulty parts.

Those who own an affected vehicle should expect their automaker to issue a recall. Affected owners will be eligible for repairs, financial assistance or compensation.

If your car has an affected Takata airbag, you could be eligible for a cash payout once a judge approves a multimillion-dollar settlement with automakers.

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