Looking for an Entry-Level Job? These 10 Companies are Hiring Thousands

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Are you graduating in May and totally panicking about landing a real job? Or maybe you’re looking for a career change?

Been there, done that.

To be honest, knowing where to start the search is the most difficult part.

I wanted to find a job in magazines, possibly in South Carolina (oh, how things change in a year’s time!), so I literally Googled “magazines in South Carolina.”

Needless to say, searching through each magazine’s career page was fairly fruitless. Either there weren’t any openings, or the jobs were all for senior positions, which required as many years of experience as I am old.

If you’re running into a similar issue, this list might help. College Grad just compiled the companies looking for the most entry-level employees in 2017.

10 Companies Filling the Most Entry-Level Jobs in 2017

Rather than aimlessly Googling around the endless pit that is the internet, use this list to jumpstart your search.

(Some of these employers just might surprise you!)

1. Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Projected entry-level hires for 2017: 9,500

After graduation, one of my college classmates went to work for Enterprise, the rental car company.

In fact, it’s known for recruiting new college graduates.

It offers a number of programs for new grads, including management training, accounting and finance, as well as information technology. (It also has work-from-home opportunities!)

If you’re interested, check out the website. You can alway peruse its career page, too.

2. EY

Projected entry-level hires for 2017: 5,000

EY is a professional services organization that helps companies capitalize on business opps.

It’s looking for “builders of a better working world” — though position titles vary. It offers full-time positions for students and recent grads to help fire up your career.

If you’re interested, check out the site’s careers page.

3. Hertz

Projected entry-level hires for 2017: 4,500

Here’s another rental car company. Hertz has a whole careers page dedicated to students and recent graduates. It even outlines the “fast track to success” — working from a sales and service associate to an area manager.

Think you’ve got what it takes? There’s a lot of information online.

4. The Progressive Corporation

Unfortunately, Flo’s position isn’t open.

But the insurance corporation is hiring recent graduates.

You can see all the listings on the jobs page and search by category or type in “entry level” as a keyword.

5. PwC

Projected entry-level hires for 2017: 3,900

PwC offers “audit and assurance, tax and consulting services.” You might have seen it in recent headlines surrounding the recent Oscar “scandal.”

It employs over 223,000 people globally. Check out the general careers page, or navigate over to student careers.


Projected entry-level hires for 2017: 3,300

As a “a global network of professional firms providing audit, tax and advisory services,” this company offers services similar to PwC

For a more specific explanation and to see all its jobs, check out the careers page.

7. Deloitte

Projected entry-level hires for 2017: 3,000

Woo! More financial services!

Deloitte handles audit, consulting, tax and advisory services. If your career is going in that direction, consider finding a job there.

You can even find a job while you’re still in college.

8. Federal Bureau of Investigation

Projected entry-level hires for 2017: 2,900

Yup, that’s the FBI. We actually wrote about these opportunities last fall. You can land this job before you graduate — then finish your degree while getting paid.

Sound like a good gig? Check out FBI Jobs. You can explore career paths or check out the students page.

9. Avis Budget Group

Projected entry-level hires for 2017: 2,500

Hmm… I’m seeing some trends here. Avis is another rental car company, and it has lots of opportunities for recent graduates. (It’s known for some pretty big hiring sprees, too!)

This is a global group, so you can even look around the world.

10. Bank of America

Projected entry-level hires for 2017: 2,500

I had another college acquaintance accept a job at Bank of America upon graduating. According to her Instagram (which validates everything), she’s living a fun life.

The financial institution is hiring for a ton of positions across the U.S. (nearly 8,000 right now). Search open jobs, or learn more about the different career areas.

These are only 10 companies out of the gazillion others College Grad has listed. Other notable company (or agency) names include U.S. Customs and Border Protection, General Electric, Amazon, Chevron and Southwest Airlines.

Best of luck in your job search, whippersnappers!

For more opportunities, including work-from-home jobs, keep an eye on our Jobs Facebook page.

Your Turn: What was your first job out of college?

Carson Kohler (@CarsonKohler) is a junior writer at The Penny Hoarder.