How Does Your Company Help New Moms? This One Offers a Concierge Service

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New moms who are working moms face many challenges.

Keeping up with the typical workload while handling all the needs of a new infant who really can’t do anything on its own presents a major juggling act.

And sometimes a ball — or two — gets dropped.

For many, dealing with that juggling act often means making sacrifices on the career end, like opting out of the workforce for a period of time, losing wages and opportunities for advancement.

So when a company offers new moms special assistance through its employee benefits package, it’s something to be celebrated. It shows they care about retaining good workers.

Help Is One Call Away at Fifth Third Bank

Fifth Third Bank, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, and with locations in 10 states, offers a maternity concierge program for employees who are pregnant, on maternity leave or simply have a child under age 1.

The service helps with a wide array of tasks, including picking up dry cleaning or groceries, ordering breast pumps, organizing a baby’s nursery and planning gender-reveal or first birthday parties, according to a recent Fast Company article.

Teresa Tanner, Fifth Third’s chief administrative officer, told Fast Company there isn’t much the concierges won’t do, outside of transporting children or pets. She told the publication two full-time concierges work at the company’s headquarters and part-time concierges serve the bank’s other locations.

The benefit is free for employees.

Charnella Grossman, a vice president and senior portfolio manager for Fifth Third Bank, uses the maternity concierge service and told Fast Company, “It serves as a show of commitment to women in the workplace… and signals that management is committed to investing in employees.”

Hopefully other companies will take note and make similar additions to their benefits package. Because a little help goes a long way in juggling all the demands new moms face.

Nicole Dow is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder. She’s a working mom all too familiar with the juggling act.

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