Come One, Come All: The Cat Circus is Real — and It’s Hiring Right Meow

Editor’s note: The job listing for the tour bus driver/tech is no longer open.

Can you hear that?

It’s the sound of my coworkers crying, as they realize their wildest dreams have finally come true: You can get paid to travel the country with a crew of kitties.

The Acro-Cats, a troupe of former orphan and stray cats, travels from city to city performing live shows to “sold-out audiences.” (Yes, we’ve written about them before.)

And right now, they’re hiring both a tour assistant and a bus driver/tech.

Does that sound like your cup of catnip? Then keep reading.

How to Work for the Cat Circus

The Acro-Cats show is “devoted to promoting cat-training awareness and supporting feline adoption and rescue,” so it travels across the country in — what else? — a custom cat bus, fostering and finding homes for its animals.

As well as performing what sounds like an intriguing show…

First off, it features an “all-cat band” called the Rock Cats. (Wut.)

cat circus

Second, the cats do tricks with hoops, skateboards and other props. (I’ve never met a cat that would do what its owner said if its life depended on it, so this is a MUST-see.)

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the show involves something called a “cat vs. chicken bowling show-down.” (I can’t begin to fathom what that is, which means it alone is worth the price of admission.)

Here’s how to get your paw in the door.

Tour Assistant

The company is looking for a tour assistant whose responsibilities would include “cat wrangling,” moving props, selling tour merchandise, caring for “Rock Star cats” and coordinating volunteers for all performances. It’s a bonus if you can drive a 45’ bus.

The listing states pay is “commensurate with qualifications and experience” — and I’m assuming it means experience with tours, and not cats. Because no amount of experience with cats prepares you for everything that is cats.  

Tour Bus Driver / Tech

In this position, you’d be responsible for driving and maintaining the cat tour bus, which is actually a 45’ bus that tows a 14’ car.

The other portion of your job would be doing sounds and lights for the show. You must be able to lift and carry 50 pounds, as you’ll have to load equipment in and out of the vehicles.

No pay is listed; rather, the company states it’s “taking bids/offers for this position.” A resume, plus a check of your background and driving record, are required.  

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I have a feeling we’re going to lose more than one staff member to this traveling troupe of tabbies…

(H/T to DNAInfo for finding this fun gig.)

Your Turn: Do you want to join the cat circus?

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