This Insane Internship Will Make You CEO for a Month (You’ll Make $10K!)

Internships can be rough.

While they’re invaluable learning experiences (I learned how to peel hard-boiled eggs, for one), they’re often disheartening and frustrating: It’s usually painfully clear you’re at the bottom of the totem pole. And then maybe even a little lower than that. And then a tiny bit lower.

Don’t misunderstand me here — I’m not averse to the idea of working your way up. I believe that respect is earned, success doesn’t happen overnight and that you have to put in the time to climb the ranks.

But what if instead of doing everyone’s scut work, you could start out on top? What if there was a way you could go straight to being the CEO of a major company?

With a new internship program from Adecco, you — my entry-level friend — can become a CEO quite literally overnight.

And the position comes with some pretty sweet perks — to the tune of about $10,000.

Those Perks, Though

Adecco is a Fortune Global 500 company, so we’re talking the big leagues.

You’ll spend a month traveling to different cities across the U.S. with the company president and a handful of other business leaders, learning about what it takes to run a successful company.

You’ll also get to meet and work with major figures in the industry, pitch ideas and products, and gain some serious resume-building experience.

But we’re not even to the best part yet.

During this month-long internship, you’ll receive $10,000 and will have all expenses paid on your business trips, including travel, meals and hotels.

Ten thousand dollars! For a month-long internship!

In the eloquent words of one of our editors here at The Penny Hoarder HQ: This is bananas.

This Paid Internship Will Make You an Insta-CEO

The internship is based in Charlotte, North Carolina, and starts at the end of May 2017. You can apply for this incredible opportunity here.

After you submit your name and email address, you’ll be contacted within a few days with information on the next steps. You’ll have one week from the time you’re contacted to send in a video application.

If you’re chosen to move on, you’ll head to Boot Camp in Jacksonville, Florida for a few days in May, where the final selection for the position will be made.

The application process closes on April 15.

Now I know that at this point you’ve probably already packed your bags, but let me give you one last bit of crazy-cool incentive:

If you “successfully develop and pitch a new Adecco product or service” during your internship, you could be selected to be a Global CEO at the company’s month-long program based in Zurich, Switzerland, according to Adecco’s website.

So yeah. Go ahead and apply. Like, yesterday.

Your Turn: Do you think you’d be up for that jet-setting CEO life?

Grace Schweizer is a junior writer at The Penny Hoarder.