Talk About a Sweet Gig: Apply Now to Become a Chocolate Taster in England

Chef filling a tray of artisanal stuffed chocolate.
twohumans/Getty Images

Do you have a passion for chocolate?

Now, I don’t mean a casual love of chocolate, like treating yourself to a candy bar once a month when you’re feeling “bad.” I’m talking about a deep, burning passion, like Augustus Gloop falling headfirst into Willy Wonka’s chocolate river.

If this sounds like you, then here’s a golden ticket opportunity: You can apply to become a professional chocolate taster.

Yes, you read that correctly and no, I’m not pulling your leg.

There is a company that is actually willing to pay you to eat chocolate.

These positions are located in Reading, England, so if you are genuinely interested in applying for one of these roles, be prepared to pack your bags.

Here’s How to Apply for These Chocolate Tasting Jobs

Mondelez International, the company behind some of your favorite confectionery snacks such as Cadbury chocolate and Oreo cookies, is looking to fill four part-time chocolate tasting jobs.

There are three “Chocolate Taster” roles available, and one “Chocolate and Cocoa Beverage Taster” role.

The ideal candidate will not only have a passion for sweets but also “taste buds for detection,” according to the job listings.

So if you’re the kind of person that is diehard Team Left Twix and can definitely taste the difference between caramel that is flowed onto a cookie instead of cascaded, you might be the right candidate for this company.

The job description also specifies you need to be honest and objective when it comes to offering opinions on the products you’re tasting. You will be collaborating with a team of panelists to reach an agreement on the perfect taste for new products.

Aspiring applicants also need to be prepared for stiff competition. The last time Mondelez International opened a chocolate taster position, thousands of hopeful chocolate lovers applied within days of the initial posting.

If you think you have what it takes to beat out thousands of chocoholics for this dream job, you can check out the listings to learn more about the roles and how to apply. Just type the word “taster” in the search bar.

But hurry, because the application period ends Feb. 16.

Kaitlyn Blount is a junior staff writer at The Penny Hoarder. She would love to be a professional chocolate taster, but it would probably end up looking like that episode of I Love Lucy.