This Company is Actually Hiring an Emoji Translator Because #2016

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I studied the English language for four years in college.

My choice in bachelor’s degree came with snickers from my peers. “What’re you gonna do with that?” they’d ask.

I felt great about my decision — until now.

The emoji is taking over, y’all. So much so that a UK translation firm is hiring an emoji translator.

This is not a drill; the future is now. ?

Today’s Translations is Actually Hiring an Emoji Translator

Do you use emojis to share your feelings?

?  when you’re being, well, like a poophead.

An ?  when you’re frisky?

? ? ? ? ? when you’re starved?

You’re not alone.

“Emoji” is the fastest growing language in history, according to Professor Vyv Evans of Bangor University.

Now, Today’s Translations is embracing the move. The London-based translation firm has a global network of more than 3,000 linguists who cover more than 200 languages.

To be added: an emoji translator.

This is thought to be the first job of its kind worldwide, BBC reports. And, yes, there’s actually a need for this.

Jurga Zilinskiene, head of Today Translations, said she needed an emoji specialist to translate diaries into emojis for a client, BBC reports. For what purpose? Who knows.

Needless to say, there wasn’t an emoji translator out there, so she decided to create the position.

Out of Curiosity… What’s it Take to be an Emoji Translator?

Today Translations’ emoji translator will work with clients to translate the little icons, keep track of emoji trends and developments, and study the emoji across cultures.

This ain’t a joke. To become the purportedly first-ever emoji translator, you need a bachelor’s degree in translation or at least three years of language industry experience.

Thought you knew your way around the emoji keyboard? BBC totally schooled me with these fun facts:

  • ??  This isn’t actually friendly. It’s more like a “Bye, Felicia” move. In China, it’s basically the middle finger.
  • ?  Hopefully you’ll get this one before going into a job interview. In Japan, the words for “poo” and “luck” apparently sound similar, so enter the hanky emoji.
  • ?  I always used this before going out with a friend. It was exciting, like “Yes! Let’s enjoy some brewskis and have a fun girls night.” Well, these were originally Playboy bunnies, so that’s awk. There’s also a men’s version now. #equality

So maybe it’s best I studied the English language because, well, I’d accidentally be translating that diary into a Playboy mansion scene. Yikes.

And to whoever is well-versed enough to apply, ?  to you.

Your Turn: What’s your favorite emoji?

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