Do This Simple Task After You Unload Groceries to Get a Free Visa Gift Card

A young woman puts her groceries away.
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You’ve just finished unloading groceries, and you feel conflicted. On one hand, you feel accomplished as you admire your fridge full of fresh food. On the other hand, you feel absolutely exhausted and somehow still have no idea what’s for dinner tonight.

The last thing on your mind is probably that crumpled receipt in the empty bag. But we found an app that convert that piece of paper into a free Visa gift card. Just take a picture of it with the Fetch Rewards app.

It only took us about 30 seconds.

How it works: Fetch gives you points each time you upload a grocery receipt (from any store) with one of its featured products. Think: Dove, Kleenex, Kraft and hundreds of other brands you probably already buy.

Don’t worry about searching the app for these and “claiming” them. Fetch will automatically find the rewards for you. When we say 30 seconds, we mean 30 seconds.

Then, exchange the points you collect for a prepaid Visa card — good for whatever you want.

We were surprised by how easy this really is.

When you download the app, don’t forget to use the code PENNY to automatically earn a free bonus when you sign up and upload your first receipt. You’ll be well on your way to your first gift card.