Got Milk? The Dairy Industry Probably Owes You Money

Got milk
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We see a lot of wacky class-action settlement notices come through our office, but this one shocked us: If you bought milk in the last 13 years, you may be eligible to receive your slice of a $52 million settlement against the dairy industry.

You don’t need to have receipts or proof of purchase in order to get a piece of this payout; instead, you simply pledge to be telling the whole truth when you fill out the online form.

Think about it. Whether you’re feeding a household of one or five, there’s probably been some sort of dairy product involved over the years.

How to Claim Your Milk Money

To qualify, you must have:

  • Lived in at least one of these states at some point between 2003 and now: Arizona, California, the District of Columbia, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, Oregon, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, West Virginia or Wisconsin
  • Purchased milk products including cream, half-and-half, yogurt, cottage cheese, cream cheese or sour cream, regardless of brand or grocer
  • Purchased such milk products for yourself or a school program

It takes about a minute to file your claim, and you have until Jan. 31, 2017, to milk this cash cow.

Seriously, that joke was too good to leave out.

The Strangest Settlement We’ve Ever Seen?

The million-dollar settlement is the result of an antitrust lawsuit stemming from a National Milk Producers Federation scheme to kill off cows to raise milk prices. So it’s almost eerie to see cartoon cows and cow print on the website educating consumers about this settlement — it’s as if they want us to forget what the lawsuit was about.

Here’s the confirmation screen for my own claim:

got milk

I get it. You have to be consumer-friendly. But this one’s a little sour.

Your Turn: Will you file a claim in this class-action settlement?

Lisa Rowan is a writer and producer for The Penny Hoarder.