IBM Just Upped Its Paid Parental Leave Game. Your Move, Everyone Else

Shot of a mother sitting with her newborn baby on a couch

IBM is putting so many other companies to shame.

In one fell swoop, it just doubled the amount of paid parental leave it offers employees, according to a company blog post.

While it’s no Netflix (which offers new parents up to a year off) or Etsy (which offers six months), IBM’s new policy bumps paid parental leave up from six weeks to 12 for fathers, partners and adoptive parents who’ve welcomed a new child into their lives.

For childbirthing mothers, the paid leave is extended from 14 weeks to up to 20 weeks. CNN reports six to eight weeks of medical disability coverage make up the additional leave.

Oh, and that’s not it: CNN reports the benefit applies to both full-time and part-time U.S. employees. And the policy is also retroactive — those who’ve welcomed a baby since November 2016 can take advantage of the extra paid time off.

Employees are given the flexibility to use the time off whenever they need during the first year after a birth or adoption.

In addition, IBM has pledged to reimburse employees up to $20,000 for eligible adoption fees or surrogacy costs.

Keep in mind, these are all changes the company just established. IBM already has several family-friendly programs in place, such as child care center discounts and flex-time to attend appointments and events.

Read its recent blog post on “Meeting the Needs of 21st Century Parenting” to learn more about how the company attracts and retains employees with kids.

And if the post makes you jealous and itching to leave your current employer, don’t fret: IBM is hiring.

Nicole Dow is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder. She enjoys writing about parenthood and money.