This Study Says There Are 30 Million “Good Jobs” That Don’t Require Degrees

Jobs without a degree
Heather Comparetto/The Penny Hoarder

Everybody has their own definition of what makes a job “good.”

For some it’s the benefits package or commute length, but for many people it’s (understandably) all about the money.

Researchers at Georgetown Center, in collaboration with JPMorgan Chase, define “good jobs” as those with a median salary of $55,000.

Their recent survey of employment opportunities in the U.S. revealed there are more than 30 million good jobs in the nation — and they don’t require a bachelor’s degree.

The report, “Good Jobs That Pay Without a B.A.,” shows the availability of good jobs continues to grow, but they’re shifting away from the blue-collar industry.

These days, the skilled-services industry is where to go if you’re looking for a job that pays around $55,000 and doesn’t require a degree.

Jobs in healthcare, education and leisure services specifically are on the rise.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any good jobs left in blue-collar industries. Workers skilled in construction and natural resources are still in high demand.

Don’t Ditch Higher Education Completely, Though

The Georgetown Center report gives non-degreed workers a chance to relax about their job prospects, but don’t ditch higher education all together.

“New good jobs are going to workers with some college education and associate’s degrees rather than workers with high school diplomas,” say researchers.

These numbers demonstrate exactly why high school shouldn’t be the last stop on your education train.

If you need some encouragement to follow through on completing a certification, apprenticeship or associate’s degree program, consider this: You’ll spend a lot less on tuition than you will for a bachelor’s degree — and have a better shot at landing a good job when you’re done.

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