Shutterstock and Mendr Need Photo Editors — and You Get to Work From Home

Photo editor jobs
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Do you have a keen photo editing eye? Do your friends call you the “Photoshop whisperer”?

Ready to get paid to indulge your love of looking at pictures all day?

Stock photography website Shutterstock and photo editing website Mendr are filling work-from-home photo editor jobs right now.

Remote Editorial Image Review at Shutterstock (Western USA)

Shutterstock image reviewers are responsible for verifying that images meet the site catalog’s standards of acceptability.

You’ll check to make sure uploaded images aren’t fraudulent or infringing on copyrights, and that they’re in line with Shutterstock’s technical and editorial guidelines.

Image reviewers will apply metadata standards and edit metadata lightly as needed, including keywords and captioning. You’ll also provide feedback to contributors when appropriate.

Requirements include:

  • 2+ years of experience as a photographer, contributor to a stock photo company or as a photo editor/researcher
  • Extensive knowledge of photo industry trends. You should also have your finger on the pulse of current news, sporting and entertainment events.
  • 20-30 hours per week availability, including 5-8 hours per weekend
  • High-speed, wired, broadband internet access
  • Your own PC or Mac and a good monitor that displays high-resolution images well
  • The ad specifies Shutterstock is looking for freelancers from the Western U.S.

To be considered for this Shutterstock job, complete this questionnaire and then apply here.

Part-Time Remote Freelance Photo Editor at Mendr

Mendr’s photo editors lightly edit images in Adobe Photoshop, so you’ll do things like clean up photos, change the exposure, brighten smiles or remove objects.

Mendr is just getting ready to launch its mobile photo editing app, so you’ll also be on the lookout for bugs and issues with the new portal.

Photo editors are expected to communicate with other editors over the Slack messaging system and bring a positive attitude and spirit of community to the job.

Apply soon — Mendr plans to fill its vacancies by March 10. If you’re selected, you’ll need to attend a mandatory webinar.


  • 2 years Photoshop and photo editing experience

Apply here to work with Mendr.

This isn’t the first time Shutterstock has posted jobs for image reviewers. But Mendr is a brand new company, so now’s your chance to get in on the ground floor of an exciting startup.

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Your turn: How are your photo editing chops? Could they land you a job with Shutterstock or Mendr?

Lisa McGreevy is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder. She’s not great with cameras but takes passable pictures with her phone. Once in a while she even posts them on Twitter @lisah.