Sony May Owe You $55 as Part of the PlayStation 3 Class Action Settlement

The Sony PlayStation booth at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco in March 2012. Paul Sakuma/Associated Press

If you purchased a PlayStation 3 between 2006 and 2010, you may be able to collect $55 from Sony.

The settlement is the result of a class-action lawsuit against the video-game console maker. Sony Computer Entertainment America allegedly pushed a firmware update that disabled the “Other OS” functionality on the original-model (or “fat”) PlayStation3.

“The Other OS function enabled users to run Linux as an alternative operating system on Fat PS3s,” the settlement website explains.

The fat PS3 Sony was replaced in 2009 by a slim console.

How to Get Up to $55 from Sony

To receive $55, you must submit a claim with proof of purchase and proof that you used the “Other OS” feature on your console.

While some class-action settlements simply require you to state you are one of the affected consumers, this process is a little more complex.

If you want to claim $55, you must show proof of purchase via a sales receipt or by providing the serial number and login for the PS3 you purchased during the applicable time period.

You must also show proof you purchased Linux and installed it on your fat PS3; alternately, you may share a screenshot or photo showing Linux operating on your fat PS3, proof you downloaded a version of Linux before April 1, 2010 or “any other documentary proof that you used the Other OS before April 1, 2010 that the Settlement Administrator reasonably determines to be valid.”

Good luck digging up that evidence if you sold your PS3 a long time ago or received it as a gift.

Can’t Get Organized? You can Still Get $9

If you only have proof of purchase but can argue you intended to use the “Other OS” function, you can still get paid.

The $9 option requires only sharing your proof of purchase or Fat PS3 serial number and login, and a statement that you knew about the “Other OS” feature and intended to use it.

You must submit your claim by Dec. 7, 2016. You can expect your payment about 40 days after the final approval hearing on Jan. 24, 2017, but only if there are no appeals, which will drag out the process.

Your Turn: Do you have a fat PlayStation 3? Will you submit a claim?

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