This Company Will Pay You to Skip Going to the Store

A woman looks at jeans she bought online.
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Running errands has only gotten more stressful. It’s gotten so bad that many of us are willing to pay strangers to take charge of our shopping carts.

An e-commerce site called Rakuten gets it, though. They’ll actually pay you to shop online instead of going to the store or sending a surrogate shopper in your stead.

Rakuten is a free site that works with over 3,500 retailers to deliver significant cash back savings on all sorts of items and services.

How to Get Paid to Shop

You don’t have to spend hours clipping coupons or crawling through hoops. You just need to join Rakuten, and it’s completely free.

Once you’re signed up, just use the Rakuten app or Browser extension to shop and then watch the cash back pile up in your account with each purchase you make.

You can have the cash back you earn paid out through a PayPal account, or you can have them mail you a check if you’re the type who likes tradition.

Double Cash Back Offers

Who needs Black Friday when you can find those sorts of deals every day on Rakuten?

We’ve rounded up some of the best double cash back offers on Rakuten, so you can literally get paid to do your holiday shopping this year:

  • The Body Shop: 10% (5%)
  • Expedia: 10% (3%)
  • Nike: 8% (1.5%)
  • Adidas: 8% (2%)
  • Under Armour: 8% (2%)
  • Choice Hotels: 6% (3%)
  • Zales: 6% (3%)
  • Priceline: 5% (4%)
  • GameStop: 5% (2.5%)
  • Zappos: 5% (1%)
  • Hertz: 5% (2.5%)
  • Shutterfly: 4% (2%)
  • Belk: 4% (2%)
  • 4% (2%)
  • P.C. Richard & Son: 4% (2%)
  • Aerie: 4% (2%)
  • Zoro: 4% (2%)
  • Best Western Hotels & Resorts: 4% (2%)
  • 3% (1%)

Keep in mind, these deals are subject to change. So don’t wait around for something you know you’re going to buy at some point anyway.

It only takes a minute to join Rakuten and it’s free. If you’re a new Rakuten user, you can get a $10 welcome bonus. Think of it as a sign of good things to come.