7 (More) Weird Things In Your Trash Worth Cash

Money in the trash

In February 2011 we published our original list of 7 Wacky Things in Your Trash Worth Cash. The list was extremely popular and to date is still one of our most viewed articles of all time.

We thought it was high time we gave the list an update. Here are 7 things we missed the first time…

1. Old Perfume Bottles

Collectors love old perfume bottles! Especially antiques, designer names and perfume bottle with a unique shape or color. Also, some perfume bottles can be refilled if you take them back to the store (Angel perfume, for example). Most bottles only sell for a few dollars on Ebay, but the antiques can fetch over $100.

2. Cooking Oil

It may seem a little crazy, but you can actually sell your used cooking oil instead of throwing it away. Cooking oil is a biodiesel and can be used in some automobiles and to heat some homes.

One way to sell your cooking oil is to list it on Craigslist. It’s most popular in the Wintertime because you can sell it to homeowners seeking cheap fuel for their furnaces. Plus, throwing used oil down the drain is terrible for your plumbing and the environment.

3. Old Postcards

When I was a kid, I used to use my allowance to buy postcards every time we went on vacation. Well, it turns out that those old cards might be worth something now to collectors.

For example, this old postcard from Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida recently sold on Ebay for $4.00. Some folks will even buy old postcards that have been used or have writing on them.

4. Golf Balls

Instead of throwing away your dirty, old golf balls, try selling them to driving ranges and miniature golf courses. They will usually buy your used golf balls for anywhere between .10 – .25 cents each. You can also try selling them on Ebay where top-quality used golf balls can sell for up to a $1.00 a piece.

5. Theme Park Maps/Guides

Maybe you saved one as a memento or maybe one got stuck in your luggage, but it might be worth something to collectors, especially if they’re old. A 1968 map/guide of Disneyland recently sold for $35 on Ebay! Crazy!

6. Broken Electronics

Instead of sending your broken dvd player or cell phone off to the electronic landfill, try selling it to someone for parts on Craigslist or Ebay. Be prepared to sell it for a lot cheaper then what a working electronic would get you, but it’s still better than tossing it in the garbage.

If you don’t want the headache of finding a buyer, check out USell.com and Nextworth.com, which will buy them from you without any questions asked. Heck, they’ll even pay for the shipping.

7. Human Hair

If you interested in chopping off your locks, try selling your hair on Ebay. Believe it or not, a pony tail of human hair can fetch between $20-$200.  Of course, the longer and healthier your hair, the more money it will fetch.

Good luck Penny Hoarders!