Do Beck’s or MacKeeper Owe You Cash? 7 Open Class-Action Settlements That Pay Up to $80

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Have you bought canned tuna, whiskey, jeans or computer software in the past couple of years?

If so, you may qualify for free money or products from one of the following class-action settlements. It only takes a few minutes to check whether you’re eligible and file a claim. Here’s how to get your hands on free stuff from class-action lawsuits against these companies.

1. Schiff Glucosamine Joint Health

If you purchased joint health supplements containing glucosamine within the past 10 years, chances are you’re eligible to claim between $3 and $50 from a class-action settlement about the labeling and packaging of the products, which may have misled consumers.

The settlement resolves a class-action lawsuit alleging the packaging and labeling of certain joint health products were misleading. The claims about the supplements’ effectiveness were not backed by scientific proof and the labels didn’t warn consumers about their potentially dangerous side effects.

Several large brand names are included, such as Kirkland, Metaform and Move Free. The deadline to file a claim is Sept. 24, 2015. More details, including the full list of products covered by this settlement, are available here.

2. True Religion

Do you seek out products made in the United States? If so, you’re not alone. Many consumers choose to pay more for products that include a “Made in the USA” label.

However, some companies may include this label even if some of the product’s components are foreign-made.

True Religion Apparel Inc. has recently agreed to settle a class action lawsuit alleging it deceptively advertised its jeans as being “Made in the USA,” even though they contained some components made outside of the country.

California residents who purchased one or more True Religion products based on the “Made in USA” label between Dec. 10, 2010 and July 31, 2015 can file a claim to receive a True Religion T-shirt (valued at about $25).

The claim filing deadline is Oct. 30, 2015. Learn more here.

3. Gallup

Gallup Inc. has been accused of violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by using an automated telephone dialing system to place calls to cell phones without the consent of the recipient.

If you received a survey call from Gallup on your cell phone between Aug. 16, 2009 and Aug. 16, 2013, you may be able to claim up to $80 from the class-action settlement.

The deadline to file a claim is Nov. 13, 2015. Find out more here.

4. Templeton Rye

If you drink Templeton Rye whiskey, you could be eligible to claim up to $36 from a class-action settlement. Templeton Rye Spirits has settled a class-action lawsuit accusing it of charging premium prices for its products by deceptively labeling them as “small batch” and “made in Iowa” — even though the product is actually distilled in Indiana.

Consumers who purchased Templeton Rye between Jan. 1, 2006 and July 21, 2015 must file a claim by Nov. 18, 2015 to be eligible for compensation. You don’t need proof of purchase to claim the cash benefit.

You also qualify for benefits if you purchased a drink made with Templeton Rye whiskey at a restaurant or bar. Find out more here.

5. Beck’s

If you purchased Beck’s beer in the last four years, you could be entitled to claim up to $50 from a class-action settlement. The settlement resolves allegations Anheuser-Busch misrepresented to consumers that Beck’s beer is brewed in and imported from Germany, even though it’s brewed domestically.

If you purchased Beck’s Pilsner, Beck’s Dar, Beck’s Light and/or Beck’s Oktoberfest between May 1, 2011 and June 23, 2015, you have until Nov. 20, 2015 to file a claim. Even if you don’t have proof of purchase, you could still be able to claim up to $12 per household. Find out more here.

6. Charming Charlie

If you were asked to provide personal information such as your address or telephone number when you used a credit card to pay for merchandise at a Charming Charlie store in California, you may be eligible to claim a voucher redeemable for Charming Charlie merchandise.  

These vouchers are available as part of a class-action settlement over allegations Charming Charlie violated California law by asking for customers’ personal information during credit card transactions, leading customers to believe the information was required to complete the transaction.

The deadline to file a claim for the Charming Charlie settlement is Oct. 12, 2015. Learn more here.

7. MacKeeper

If you paid for MacKeeper software, you could get a full refund from a class-action settlement over allegations MacKeeper was deceptively advertised as being capable of enhancing an Apple computer’s speed, performance and security by detecting and eliminating harmful errors and threats.

According to the class-action lawsuit, MacKeeper actually identifies problems that don’t exist and generates false error messages to scare users into purchasing an upgrade.

If you purchased MacKeeper software before July 8, 2015, you have until Nov. 30, 2015 to file a claim. Learn more here.

Your Turn: Do you qualify for any of these class-action settlements? Let us know when you get your benefits!

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