The 5 Best — and Worst — States to Live in If You’re a Working Dad

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We talk a whole lot about working moms here at The Penny Hoarder, and with good reason: Balancing a family and a career is hard work.

But we’d be remiss not to mention that career balance is difficult for men, too — especially with Father’s Day coming up.

Although women are frequently the primary caretakers in a family, that’s not always the case. For dads as well as moms, some states are better to live and work in than others.

But which states are the best? And worst?

What’s the Best Place to Live for Working Dads?

To discern exactly that, WalletHub recently conducted a study of the 50 states and D.C. It assessed 20 different quality of life metrics that matter to working dads, from child care costs to the rate of prostate cancer cases in a given population.

These metrics were organized into four weighted categories: Economic and Social Well-Being (30%), Work-Life Balance (30%), Child Care (30%) and Health (10%).

Three key metrics were given double weight: day care quality, the strength of the school system (per another WalletHub study) and men’s life expectancy at birth.

Does your state make the cut?

The 5 Best States for Working Dads

(With #1 being the best:)

1. Minnesota

2. Connecticut (Bonus: kids who graduate from New Haven public schools are guaranteed free in-state tuition, on top of other generous moving incentives — see #2.)

3. Vermont

4. Massachusetts

5. New Jersey

The 5 Worst States for Working Dads

(With #1 being the worst:)

1. Nevada

2. Alaska (even though you get paid just to live there)

3. West Virginia

4. Mississippi

5. Louisiana

WalletHub also pulled out some of the best and worst states for specific metrics, which sometimes look very different from the overall ranking.

For example, although Louisiana and Mississippi rank among the worst states overall, they both boast some of the cheapest child care around.

Also good to know — men enjoy the highest life expectancy at birth in Minnesota. Guess the winter freeze does a body good!

Check out the full stats over at WalletHub and see how your state stacks up. As always with these types of studies, take the findings with a grain of salt.

After all, my native Florida ranked 40th on the list overall, and I know a fair number of happy, flip-flop-shod dads.

Your Turn: Where does your state rank on the list of best places to live for working dads?

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