Blimey! The Queen Wants to Pay Someone $72K to Run Her Social Media

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Though the Queen of England may have turned 90 years old today, she’s no luddite.

She’s got a Twitter account and a Facebook page; no Snapchat yet (but really, does anyone over the age of 19 actually understand that little ghost and all his swipey screens?).

The Queen’s a busy dame, however, and she doesn’t have time to tweet and post the day away.

So Buckingham Palace is on the hunt for a Head of Digital Engagement, who will be responsible for the Royal Family’s social media accounts.

And they’re willing to pay a pretty pence for it: up to £50,000, or $72,000 U.S., per year.

Intrigued? Here are all the dignified details.

How to Get Paid to Be the Queen on Twitter

Though we’re pretty sure the Royals are looking for a Brit to take the role, it doesn’t specifically say that in the job listing.

What they do require?

Experience managing “social media networks for a high profile organisation” (that’s right, get ready to replace all your “z’s” with “s’s”!) and an ability to “lead, develop and inspire others.”

In addition to the hefty paycheck, the job comes with free lunch and 33 days of annual leave — that’s more than six weeks.

Oh, right: And access to the Royal Family and their events. So I assume, anyway… I mean, how are you supposed to tweet about it if you’re not there?

Personally, all I really want to know is: Does Prince Harry come with the deal?

‘Cuz if so, I’m bloody in.

Your Turn: Do you think this job sounds like fun?

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