Cool Job Alert: Want to Get Paid to Give Away Target’s Money?

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Do you consider yourself a philanthropist? Want a job with “increase guest love” in the description?

If you have a bachelor’s degree and experience in business, Target’s Corporate Social Responsibility Manager role might just be for you.

What Does a Corporate Social Responsibility Manager Do?

You’ll spend your workdays performing market research to discover which social issues are most pressing in your area — and then working to address them.

You’ll be a leader and strategizer for Target’s Local Needs team, managing a $10 million to $100 million philanthropic budget.

That’s right: You’ll get paid to give away Target’s money.

How About the Job Perks?

For starters, Target promises “one of the best earning packages anywhere,” including flexible scheduling, great insurance coverage and a 401(k).

Plus, you’ll get to travel for work — and feel great about being a professional philanthropist.

What You Need to Get the Job

So what qualifies you to apply?

You need to have a bachelor’s degree and eight to 10 years of experience in business, strategy or public policy, including experience managing and leading teams. If you have an MBA, previous corporate social responsibility experience or a track record of leadership in your community, you’ll stand out.

Target wants someone with a passion for doing good and building community, as well as strong interpersonal communication and strategic thinking skills.

Sound like a fit? Head on over to Target’s career page and submit your application.

Your Turn: Would you like to get paid to give away Target’s money?

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