Do You Go Crazy Over Christmas? These 5 Holiday Side Gigs Were Made for You

Christmas Jobs
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I’ve worked a lot of odd side gigs in my day.

But the time I undecorated Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Christmas tree probably takes the cake.

At the time, I was living in Breckenridge, Colorado — where Dog had recently filmed an episode of his show. After he and his crew left, they needed someone to remove the Christmas decorations from his vacation home.

Thanks to a connection, I got the gig.

Though it was already pretty fun — because it was Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Christmas tree, after all — the fact it was holiday-oriented made it even better.

That’s because I love the holiday season, and everything to do with it.

If you’re like me and go crazy over Chrismukkah, here are five ways you could make money off your holiday spirit.

1. Sell Baked Goods

Do you love to bake? Sell your baked goods everywhere — from holiday fairs to offices. Just be sure to check the cottage food laws in your state before getting started.

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2. Work as Santa Claus

This gig requires a certain body type — and definitely a jolly laugh — but there aren’t many better ways to spread Christmas cheer.

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3. Decorate Homes or Businesses

Holiday decorating is a huge industry.

In New York City, one company makes millions of dollars each year decorating local businesses. Get inspired by its success and decorate houses and businesses in your neighborhood.

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4. Make and Sell Holiday Crafts

Making your own presents is a great way to save money. If you’re particularly crafty, it can also bring in a bunch of extra income around the holidays.

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5. Take Family Photos

Are you a shutterbug?

Bust out your photography skills and help friends and neighbors commemorate the holiday with family portraits.

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If you’ve got an abundance of cheer, put it to good use by sharing it with everyone you encounter first — then earn some money from it!

Your Turn: How do you make extra money over the holidays?

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