Earn $5 for Taking a Picture of Your Grandparents (and 12 other weird things…)

Do you have a large stash of photos? Are you an accomplished photographer with an eye for excellent, quality photographs?

Dust off your family photo albums and start digging through your old photo boxes; it’s time to make some cash.

Fotokoi is an online market that allows people to exchange photos. The best part is, people interested in your work will pay you for rights to your photo.

Need the Perfect Picture?

Since online publishing has become more prevalent, there is a great need for stock photos. While databases can be extensive, they don’t always have what you are looking for; or, at least, it’s not always easy to find.

This is where the Fotokoi business model comes in…

How Fotokoi Works…

There are two types of people in the Fotokoi world: those that have photos and those trying to find the perfect image. Those looking for images make a request on Fotokoi and include a description of the type of photo they are looking for and the amount of money they are willing to pay for the photo. For example, there is a request for a picture of grandparents for $5. While $5 is fairly standard, there are requests that pay even more.

If a photographer has a suitable picture, he can load the image to Fotokoi and respond to the request. Since the whole marketplace can respond, there are usually multiple submissions. The person making the photo request can then select the winning photo from the pool of submissions and send payment.

What Kinds of Requests Will You See?

There are plenty of photo requests for you to submit and potentially earn a little money. Some requests are basic, like a happy mom and her kids. On the other hand, some requests are pretty weird- like UFOs. Here’s a list of 12 requests we found in the last few days:

  • Grandparents
  • Lego toys
  • Times Square celebration
  • Unhappy women
  • Metal surface
  • Money
  • Secretary
  • African American graduation
  • Public transit station
  • Vintage tractor
  • Despair
  • Photos of Sarasota, FL

Caveats to using Fotokoi

While Fotokoi does create an excellent platform for image users and photographers to get together and buy/sell pictures, there are a few caveats to be aware of.

You can’t earn the full commission offered by photo seekers. Fotokoi receives a 15% commission on any transaction.

Also, you submit photos for the requestor to view. Once the requestor has those submissions, nothing prevents them from taking your photo without payment. The exchange is done completely on the honor system. Of course, you could later go after them for a copyright violation, but that can be very time consuming and expensive.

No one’s getting rich from submitting photos on Fotokoi. Well, not yet anyways. However, most requests are basic enough for anyone to submit a high-quality photo. Who knows, you might walk away five or ten dollars richer.

Good luck Penny Hoarders!

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