Shiftgig Connects You With Side Gigs in Your City So You Can Make Some Cash

Kelsey Buxton, Senior Media Buyer at The Penny Hoarder, has been picking up side work with Shiftgig since January 2017. Heather Comparetto/The Penny Hoarder

Gig work is a great way to earn some extra income to pay bills, save for an emergency fund or just indulge yourself once in a while.

Deciding to work a side job is easy (as long as you know what you’re getting into).

Finding a side job is the hard part.

Shiftgig, an online platform that pairs people with work-on-demand opportunities, could be the answer.

Right now, Shiftgig has U.S. offices in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Memphis, Miami, Milwaukee, Nashville, New Jersey, New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Tampa.

If you don’t live in one of those states, you can ask Shiftgig to notify you when they expand into new areas.

Shiftgig is currently looking for workers with experience in:

  • Food service
  • Hospitality
  • Hotels
  • In-store retail
  • Warehouse/distribution centers
  • Experiential marketing and promotion
  • Customer service and call centers

How Does Shiftgig Work?

To get started, simply apply for an interview right on the website and wait for Shiftgig to contact you.

In the meantime, be sure to check out the company’s blog for articles and pointers about working in the gig economy.

If you’re a good match for Shiftgig’s clients, they’ll set up an appointment with you for an online or in-person interview when work opportunities become available.

Once you pass the screening process and fill out all the necessary forms, just download the Shiftgig app to your smartphone and start scheduling shifts.

What It’s Like to Work for Shiftgig

Kelsey Buxton, Senior Media Buyer at The Penny Hoarder, has been picking up side work with Shiftgig since January 2017.

“The interview process is a breeze,” she said. “They basically tell you about the company and then ask you about your experience.”  

The hiring process moved surprisingly swiftly. Buxton was hired a mere six days after she applied.

Now she uses the app to pick up three-star catering server gigs at weddings and other events whenever they fit into her schedule.

“The Shiftgig app is very easy to use,” Buxton said. “It shows you a calendar and what types of gigs are available on which days, what to bring with you, what time to be there, where to park, who to ask for and where to meet. Then you just claim the shift and show up.”

The hourly pay you receive varies according to the type of gig, the venue and where it lands on the shift schedule. Shiftgig says its hourly rates are “competitive” and vary according to the type of gig, the venue you work and where it lands on the shift schedule.

Workers submit their hours through the Shiftgig app and get paid via direct deposit the following Friday.

As a veteran of Shiftgig, Buxton has some advice for new applicants.

“Look nice when you go to the interview,” she recommends. “A lot of people showed up in jeans and T-shirts, but I was wearing nice black pants and a blazer, and I think it definitely set me apart.

“Also, work your butt off on your gigs, because if the manager of the gig likes you, they can make you an ‘all star.’”

All-star status is definitely something to strive for. That status means you’ll get access to gigs with that client ahead of other qualified Specialists, which is how Shiftgig refers to people who use the app to find work.

Buxton has only good things to say about Shiftgig, especially how convenient it is.

“It’s a really awesome side gig because you can work as much or as little as you want.”

Lisa McGreevy is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder. She loves bringing readers tips on side gigs so look her up on Twitter @lisah if you’ve got something to share.