Give a FREE $5 Gap or H&M Gift Card to Your Facebook Friends

Apparently we’ve become so trained to ignore ads that some companies believe the only way we’ll pay attention to them is by giving us free stuff. (I’m guilty.)

At least that’s what is counting on.

Wrapp is a new app for both the iPhone and Android that connects to your Facebook account and reminds you when you have a friend’s birthday coming up.

In this case, Wrapp is hoping that you choose to send them an electronic gift card, because they earn a commission off of each gift card sold through their mobile store.

The really cool part about Wrapp is that they are promoting their app by letting users send a small, FREE gift card to their Facebook friends!

You can give a limited amount of gift cards per day, and at the moment they have $5 Sephora, $10 Fab, $5 Spafinder, $5 Gap, $5 H&M, $5 Threadless, $5 brooklyn industries, $10 WESC, and $5 Bjorn Borg gift cards.

It doesn’t necessarily need to be somebody’s birthday either. I just sent a free gift card to my mom and her birthday was 3 months ago…lol.

How it works:

1. Download the Wrapp App on your smartphone.

2. Allow the app to connect to your Facebook account. You can control whether the app shows up on your Facebook wall and whether you want to receive push notifications.

3. Select a friend that’s going to receive your free gift card. You can send gift cards to all of your friends, just not all in the same day.

4. Pick out what kind of gift card you want to give. Not sure if this was a glitch on my phone or what, but when I first opened the app it was preset to Sweden. Just change the app settings to USA so that the words make sense.

5. You can then choose to send them a link to their free gift card via text message or email. It’s as simple as that. They’re free to spend their free gift card anyway they choose and you get some serious karma points.

Right now this is only available in the the USA, UK, Sweden, and Norway. I’ve tested it out and it does indeed work; the company claims they’ve already given out more than a million free gift cards!

Good luck Penny Hoarders!

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