Need Help Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolution? This Company Will Pay You to Lose Weight

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So you want to lose weight this year?

Not just make some shoddy, forgettable resolution — but truly dedicate yourself to your health?

If you want to get serious about shedding pounds, you’re going to need some serious motivation.

I’m betting cold, hard cash would do the trick. It paid off as an excellent motivator for Angie Richards — she lost 52 pounds in six months.

What kept her going? The fact she’d win $1,200 if she met her weight-loss goals.

And no, she doesn’t have some special deal with a shake company or something — she’s just like you and me.

That’s right: I’m saying any of you could also earn money for just losing weight.

Keep reading to learn how…

How One Woman Earned $1,200 for Losing 52 Pounds

Like many people, Richards always struggled with her weight.

She’d tried nearly everything, and had some major successes… but somehow the number on the scale always seemed to creep back up.

“You know, you just see a pair of jeans that you used to wear and think, man — what happened?” she explains. (Yup, we’ve all been there.)

So in May of last year, she decided it was time to make a change.

She read about a company called HealthyWage here on The Penny Hoarder, and decided to give it a shot.

She created an individual weight-loss challenge, betting herself she’d lose 40 pounds in six months. If she accomplished her goal, and “won the bet,” HealthyWage promised it’d pay her $1,200.

This Has to Be a Scam, Right?

It’s hard to believe, but HealthyWage actually is a legit company and will pay you to accomplish your weight loss goals. 

In addition to earning money from people who don’t reach their goals, it’s sponsored by “corporate and government clients who are interested in creative solutions to weight loss.”

Want to Try It Out?

Just enter how much weight you’d like to lose (10-150 pounds) in its calculator, how long you’ll take (6-18 months) and how much you want to bet ($20-$150 per month).

Then, using a secret formula, HealthyWage calculates how much you’ll win if you succeed. (You could win up to $10,000!)

Each month, you pay your promised amount into the program. In return, HealthyWage provides support through expert advice, weight-tracking tools and other resources.

If you meet your goal in your allotted timeframe, HealthyWage pays you!

What — Other Than Weight — Do You Have to Lose?

Image provided by Angie Richards

For Richards, the financial incentive was exactly the motivation she needed… especially when, three months into her weight-loss regimen, she was injured and forced to use crutches.

At that point, most of us probably would’ve just given up — but Richards had the money hanging over her head.

Not only would she lose her bet with HealthyWage, she’d also lose the cash she’d paid in each month.

So she persevered. She focused on what she could accomplish each day — quick, attainable goals — rather than what she couldn’t.

In the end, she crushed her goal — instead of losing 40 pounds in six months, she lost 52 pounds.

“If you’re willing to put in the time, it works,” Richards says.

And there’s no better time than the start of a new year to bet on your health.

Would you like to earn money just for getting in better shape? Click here to see how much HealthyWage will pay you to lose weight.

Your Turn: Do you want to lose weight this year?

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