“Chewbacca Mom” Broke the Internet. And It Could Help You Make an Extra $100

Chewbacca mask
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“I’m really excited to share with you something I got!”

That’s how Candace Payne began her first Facebook Live video. It was posted, it seems, on a whim May 19.

Here’s the story.

“I’m Such a Happy Chewbacca!”

On a routine trip to Kohl’s, Payne came across an electronic Chewbacca mask from “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” She bought the mask as a birthday gift to herself.

Still in her car in the store’s parking lot, she started her Facebook live stream, pulled the mask out of the box and slipped it over her head.

Her excitement is palpable. As her mouth moves, the electronic mask roars with the Wookiee’s signature growl. It sets Payne into a fit of laughter that launched an Internet frenzy.

The video now has more than 130 million views — and some people are cashing in.

The mask retails at stores like Walmart, Target and Toys R Us for between $20-$30 — if you can find it.

Savvy buyers cleared the shelves around the country over the weekend. We checked retailers around the Tampa Bay area, and warehouses are out of the mask.

It’s happened so fast, many of the stores’ employees don’t even know why customers are so eager to buy the toy in bulk.

Well, here’s why: People are reselling the masks from retail stores on eBay and Amazon for upwards of $100!

This seller has sold 45 of the masks, the latest listing up to $119.95.

Private sellers on Amazon are asking $76-$136.

Bidding for this mask started at $40 and just sold for $71.

Twenty-one bids pushed the price of this mask up to $83. Similar listings sit everywhere from $36 to $67 with hours of bidding to go.

If you can get your hands on this hot ticket item, it could help you make an unexpected $100 this week!

If you’re just really into Chewbacca and want the mask for yourself, you might want to wait a week or so for the excitement to subside before buying one. The Internet has a short memory — prices are bound to fall back to normal soon.

What’s “Chewbacca Mom” Up to Now?

She’s soaking up the publicity. Everyone from USA Today to “The Tonight Show” to “Good Morning America” is telling her story.

Kohl’s even wanted to thank her for the inadvertent advertisement. The retailer sent Chewbacca masks for the whole family, plus a pile of other Star Wars merch for Payne and her kids to enjoy.

“This is worth every penny!” Payne said in between giggle fits in her now-famous video.

She probably had no idea just how true that would prove to be.

Your Turn: Have you seen the Star Wars Chewbacca mask at your local stores?

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