How to Make Money Selling Virtual Gold

Back in January, we highlighted Ailin Graef, creator of the online persona Anshe Chung, who became the first virtual real estate tycoon by amassing property in the online game Second Life that's worth over a million (real) US dollars. With an initial investment of just $9.95, Graef was able to build an online empire that eventually spawned the creation of multiple other businesses (such as a virtual avatar school and even a brick and mortar graphic design studio).

While it can be hard to imagine making any money from a virtual game, let alone millions, it is possible. The secret is getting involved with MMORPGs, massively multiplayer online role-playing games. In these virtual worlds, game users can create a virtual identity and interact with millions of other players around the globe. With over 13 million MMORPG subscriptions, there are plenty of people to interact with–and sell to.

A World of Virtual Gold

If you've heard of the game World of Warcraft, you might know that the game involves strategy and challenges where users collect items and rewards after reaching certain goals. You might also know that the game revolves around one distinct form of currency and has spawned the creation of thousands of virtual businesses where gamers are buying and selling virtual commodities.

The main currency in World of Warcraft is gold–and plenty of it. The trouble is, it can take time to amass enough gold to give your avatar a competitive advantage. If you want to play the game at a higher level but don't want to put the effort into attaining said level, you still have an option: Buy the gold from the various gold “farmers” that are also involved in the game.

That's right–instead of earning the gold in World of Warcraft, you can just buy it from other gamers who are willing to sell it! Of course, that gold isn't purchased with virtual money–it's paid for with your own cold, hard cash. The real money in your bank account.

Make Money Selling Virtual Gold

If you have some time on your hands and an affinity for video games, you could become the next gold farmer. Once you pay to set up your avatar (subscription fees for the games help to pay for the massive servers that house these vast virtual worlds), you can be on your way to gold farming in a matter of days. The best part about selling virtual gold is that your profit potential is directly related to the amount of work you're willing to do. The more you play the game, the more gold you can earn. In turn, the more gold you earn, the more you can sell to other gamers.

Lest you think this is a fruitless effort or mere excuse to just play video games all day long, consider the fact that there are thousands of people (many in China) who make their entire living by farming and selling World of Warcraft gold. We're talking tens–even hundreds–of thousands of dollars each year!

If you think you have what it takes to compete on the global scale of these role-playing games, sign up today and being watching the money roll in tomorrow.


Good Luck, Penny Hoarders!


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