I Might Win My Fantasy Football League’s $200 Prize!

Fantasy Football Player

A few months ago I shared a couple of ways that people are making extra money by playing fantasy football. Strangely enough, a few days later a friend asked me to play in his league and I, of course, eagerly accepted the opportunity.

Well, fast forward to today and I’m now in the running to win the league’s $200 prize!

We’ve been playing for the last 14 weeks. The first twelve weeks were considered the “regular season” and it’s how our group of twelve teams was narrowed down to the top four. We are now in the second week of “fantasy playoffs” and I’m currently fighting for survival.

If my players do well tonight, I’ll be advanced to next week’s final where I’m guaranteed to take home either the first prize or the $50 consolation prize!

I’m never been much of a football fan, but I have played fantasy football a couple of times now and I’ve got to say – I’m hooked. I’m a numbers kind-of-a guy so even though I don’t know much about the players, I enjoy spending a few minutes each week pouring over the stats and deciding which players to put in my lineup.

Also, our league is pretty straight forward so it doesn’t take much of my time to participate each week. We don’t use any type of complicated spread betting or salary caps.

Regardless of how tonight turns out, I’m definitely going to play next year. It has been such a blast!

But that’s not the only prize up for grabs right now…

I’m also playing in a board game tournament finale next week, so hopefully I’ll win something this month. 🙂 I’ve mentioned before that I used to play in monopoly tournaments as a kid, but this tournament is a little different…

You see, this year a group of my friends started what we call “The 2011 Spectacular,” a year long tournament to crown a board game champion in our gang. Yep, we’re that cool.

Every month we get together for four different games and everyone pays a $1 per game. If you win a single player game you score four points and if you win a team game, each person on the team scores two points. It’s been a lot of fun, but we’re in the last month and things are starting to get serious. The top prize is going to be roughly $200 and first and last place are only separated by ten points right now, meaning it’s anyone’s game! Who knew a board game could be so stressful? 🙂

Anyway, cross your fingers for my fantasy football team tonight! I’ll update this post tomorrow with my results from tonight…

Your turn: Did you play fantasy football this year? How are you doing?