Make Money with These Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

With more than 350,000 apps now available for your smartphone, it was only a matter of time before an app popped up that could help us make money.

In fact, there are several new apps that will pay you to complete small tasks on your smartphone. Here are a couple of our favorites…

This is a cool app that will pay you to run around town and complete tasks for local businesses. You can spend the day completing gigs or you can just complete one or two while out already running errands.

Once you’ve joined, some of the gigs you might be asked to do include:

  • Verify that a business is still open
  • Take a picture of a restaurant menu
  • Enter an establishment’s hours of operation
  • Report the price of gasoline at the local station

After you’ve reported the results of your gig, Gigwalk will quickly review your information and then pay you via Paypal. The gigs pay anywhere from $3-$75 depending on how difficult they are.

Gig Coin is a very new site that pays users to complete tasks online. Because it is so new, there aren’t a ton of gigs available yet, but the company promises that the number of jobs will grow in the coming months. Some of the gigs you might be asked to do are:

  • Review a Mobile App
  • Promote a company by tweeting about them
  • Post a picture to your Facebook account

Gigs on the website are currently paying anywhere from $5-$25 and GigCoin will pay you via Paypal once you’ve completed your task.

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