Making Money on the Beach

Sitting on the Beach

Hi everyone-

I’m currently in Cocoa Beach, FL on a 3-day mystery shopping trip. It’s gorgeous here – but, unfortunately the only scenery that I’m getting to explore are a whole lot of liquor stores and grocery stores. If you haven’t read about my mystery shopping trips before, I encourage you to check out my article, “I Get Paid to Buy Beer.”

We’ve recently had a bunch of new readers join us and since I’m out of town I thought I would take today to share some of the favorite articles from the back of The Penny Hoarder archives.

NASA Will Pay you $5,000/month to Stay in Bed  – If you’re okay with NASA poking and prodding at you for three months, they will pay you $5,000 to play video games, get caught up on your email and have a Harry Potter marathon. The only catch is that you aren’t allowed to get out of bed…

The 7 Wackiest Investments Under $100 – Not all of us have Warren Buffet money, so here are some fun ways to tuck away $100.

Weird Business #1: “Hangover Helpers – From our “Weird Business” series, read about 2 guys who are making bank delivering burritos and gatorade to hungover college students.

Get Paid to Spy on the Mailman – I check in with grandma Penny Hoarder and she shares how she makes side cash keeping tabs on the mailman.

Have a great weekend Penny Hoarders!