12 Internships to Apply for Right Now — And, Yes, They’re Paid

Paid internships
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Three months ago I was a recent graduate armed with a master’s degree and no job.

As I scoured Indeed, LinkedIn and other job sites, I found that most job listings demanded two or three years of experience.

But how am I supposed to get experience if I can’t even get a job?

The answer is simple: Internships.

Although they might not be “real jobs,” internships boost your resume and give you experience. Plus, after I changed my major three times, an internship was a great way to confirm I’d finally chosen the correct field.

However, it can be tough to dig through all of the unpaid internships to find ones that might actually help you pay your rent.

Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of open paid internships across the country to get you started in your search.

12 Paid Internships You Can Apply for Now

OK, the pep talk is over. It’s time to start applying — whether you’re a student, recent graduate or mid-career worker interested in changing fields.

Sales and Marketing

1. Communication Specialist Intern at Detroit Business Consulting (Troy, Michigan)

This listing boasts “rapid advancement within the company.” You’ll get full training and hands-on experience in sales, marketing, management and advertising.

If you’re interested in this internship, you should apply by July 16.

2. Myldea Sports Intern at Turner (Atlanta)

Calling all undergrad and grad students majoring in digital media, marketing, public relations, sales or advertising: You’ll get your hands on a variety of tasks here — and get paid minimum wage. Hey, it’s something, right?

Also peruse all of Turner’s internship listings across the country. Brands include CNN, Cartoon Network, TBS and truTV.

This is a competitive internship (#sports), so apply as soon as you possibly can.

3. Sales & Marketing Intern at Cummins (Indianapolis)

Become an intern for one of the largest distributors of Cummins engines, parts and services in the world.

With some running knowledge of machinery, you’ll set your part-time schedule (starting in August) and perform market research, study sales and help with internal communications.

Pay is competitive. You’ll want to apply as soon as possible for this internship.

4. YouTube Marketing Intern at Eshays (Remote)

If you love fashion and you’re tech-savvy, this could be the perfect part-time internship for you. This online-only urban apparel company is looking to enhance its YouTube channel with your help.

Complete a project? Get paid — from the comforts of home.

Eshays is accepting applications for its internship all year round.

Media and Writing

5. Editorial Intern at Esquire Magazine (New York City)

With three internship cycles throughout the year, Esquire’s program will give you real magazine experience working 40 hours a week with hourly pay. There’s also a digital position; however, that one is unpaid.

The magazine has three internship cycles lasting about four months each, which means three opportunities to apply each year.

For other paid journalism gigs, refer to Poynter’s list.

6. Emerging Platforms Intern at Mashable (New York City)

If you’re into social media and eager to learn more, this might be the perfect fit. Help manage Mashable’s Facebook and Tumblr account and experiment with Snapchat Discover and Instagram.

Listed job perks include snacks, high-fives, famous animals and friendships.

Apply as soon as possible; the internship was posted July 8, and we think it’ll go like hotcakes.

7. Social Media Intern at Bear Creek Farm (Stanfordville, New York)

This sustainable flower farm startup needs your help to expand and manage its social media platforms.

You’ll be compensated $50 a week plus travel reimbursements when you visit the farm, which is two hours by train from NYC. There’s potential to take on a part-time permanent position after the internship ends.

Also check out the farming internship opportunity that’s available.

Apply for this internship by July 14.

Engineering and Technology

8. Engineering Intern at LiveRamp (San Francisco)

Interested in full-stack web development and back-end engineering? Apply to this full-time, 10- to 14-week internship. You’ll be matched with a mentor and receive the same orientation training as full-time engineers.

Oh, and there’s food — sometimes from food trucks!

This internship is open to applicants year-round.

9. IT Undergraduate Intern at LZ Technology (Houston)

Hiring multiple intern positions, this woman-owned small business will pay you $15-$20 per hour to work 40 hours a week alongside the aerospace engineers, project managers and staff members who support NASA.

Apply year-round or, to be considered for the fall semester, as soon as possible.


10. Art Intern at Schoold (San Francisco)

This mobile app, which aims to help high school students find an ideal college and career, is hiring an art intern who brings a general knowledge of composition and photo-editing skills to the job.

Apply year-round for this part-time internship.

11. Graphic Design Intern at Four Mine (New York City)

Four Mine specializes in selling engagement rings and wedding bands.

Your job? Work with the co-founders on design projects that will help build their brand through newsletters and social media — and build up your own portfolio in the process.

Apply for this internship by July 25.

12. Production Intern at Jumpcut Studios (Los Angeles)

At this production and engineering company, you’ll assist with all parts of filmmaking. That includes taking part in the casting process, researching shoot locations and assisting with the editing and marketing departments.

Compensation is glorious: a $2,000 stipend per month and catered lunches and dinners daily.

You’ll want to apply as soon as you crank out a cover letter.

Oh, and did we mention? The Penny Hoarder offers a variety of paid internships, too!

Where to Find Paid Internships

For other paid internship opportunities, you can search several sites, including Internships.com, Looksharp and The Muse.

Other sites known for job listings, like Glassdoor, Indeed and LinkedIn, also share internship opportunities.

Other handy tips: See if your school has a career office. Some academic departments even have email lists where students and alumni send out job and internship opportunities.

And always establish relationships with your classmates and professors and keep your ears open. My first internship came when I overheard a classmate’s conversation — and I made a move.

Your Turn: What’s your favorite place to find paid internships? Help us add to our list in the comments!

Carson Kohler (@CarsonKohler) is a junior writer at The Penny Hoarder. After recently completing grad school, she focuses her time and energy on saving money — and surviving the move back in with her parents.