We Found a Super Easy Way to Make $60 a Year With Your Phone

Johan Larsson under Creative Commons

You pick up your cell phone dozens of times a day, whether to check the weather report, answer emails or text a friend.

What if you could make money just by picking up your phone to do all those ordinary things?

We’ve found ways for you to make money with your phone by taking surveys, scanning barcodes, taking photos and more.

But this is even easier. I found an app that pays me to look at ads on the lock screen of my phone. If you’re in the United States and have an Android phone, you should check out Slidejoy.

Why Should I Put Ads on My Phone?

The real question: why not?

Instead of a picture of your dog or some flowers on your lock screen, Slidejoy presents ads for various products and services. Like what you see? Swipe left on the ad to go straight to the advertiser’s website, YouTube video or app download page. If the ad doesn’t resonate with you, or if you’re in a hurry, simply slide right to go to your phone as normal. Or, if you just want to check your notifications, just slide down to display them.

Either way, you get paid just for looking at the ads on your lock screen. Over time, Slidejoy adjusts which ads you see based on how you reacted to previous ads.

Wonder how this all got started? It turns out, people are more willing to see advertisements than you might expect.

“Since 2011, Amazon has been selling a discounted version of its Kindle for $15-20 cheaper than the regular version,” founder Rob Seo told AlleyWatch. “The difference between the two is that the discounted version shows content, deals and ads on the lockscreen. Funny thing is that the discounted version outsells the regular version for every single model.”

Seo and his team took that willingness to your phone, which you probably look at 50 to 100 times each day. Instead of bombarding you with all the spammy web ads you’re tired of (how many times have you fallen for the ad about the one easy trick to lose weight?), Slidejoy offers ads that look more like magazine spreads, from companies like Macy’s and Adidas.

Tell Me About the Money

Slidejoy isn’t clear about how much you can actually earn. “There is no fixed amount, but you will earn the most if you use your phone like you normally do,” the FAQ page explains. “Our algorithm will detect users who viewed/swiped through abnormally high numbers of ads, and will automatically lower their payment amount.”

(So no cheating, folks.)

If I use my phone normally, I can expect to earn $3-5 per month with Slidejoy. I earn not depending on how much I use my phone, but depending on how many advertisers Slidejoy has, and what they’ve paid to run ads on the service. As Slidejoy grows, my earnings may grow too.

But $5 per month still isn’t anything to sneeze at. It could add up over the course of a year to pay your phone bill for a month. Or, it could get you 12 venti lattes at Starbucks (plus an extra treat or two), if you redeem your points for a Starbucks gift card (more on that below). Those couple of extra dollars can go further than you might think.

What Happens to the Money I Earn?

You’ll be able to see the previous day’s earnings in the Slidejoy app every evening. How you get that money is up to you.

Cash out using Paypal or contribute your earnings to one of the nonprofit causes Slidejoy supports.

Inside the Slidejoy app, you’ll see your earnings tallied as both dollars and points, which Slidejoy calls carats. Instead of cash, you can also redeem your carats for gift cards to retailers like Amazon, CVS, Target, Sephora, Fandango — we could go on. One dollar equals 100 carats, but there’s no advantage of choosing one payout method over another. If I have 5,000 carats, I can choose to receive $5 or a $5 gift card.

One reviewer in the Google Play store, Guzzo Davenport, called the app “Amazing,” writing, “With a combination of me and a couple of other people using this app, we’re funding a small Minecraft server through Slidejoy. If this app can do that, I’m happy.”

The Penny Hoarder’s Take

If you’re attached to your phone all day, every day, and don’t mind an extra step to access your apps and features, it’s worth downloading Slidejoy. It may take some time before your earnings add up, but we’ve never been ones to turn down some extra cash.