I Want This Job: Run Snapchat for WOW air and Travel the World for Free

Snapchat job with WOW air

Fire up your emoji keyboard and start picking out the best filter for your travel selfies.

If Snapchat has stolen your heart (sorry, Instagram), maybe it’s time to take your relationship to the next level: traveling around the world.

Oh, and get paid for it, too.

Icelandic discount carrier WOW air is hiring four “SnapTravelers” to travel the world this summer.

Each will visit four of the airline’s destinations for free — flights and hotels included, plus an excursions and travel allowance that depends on your destination. The trips last three to eight days, and each SnapTraveler will visit Iceland for one of their trips.

While on the road, you’ll take over WOW’s Snapchat account (wow-air) to share adventures, beautiful views, and probably a lot of food photos. “You will gain massive social media exposure and some priceless memories,” WOW promises. Also: Potential jet lag for your entire summer.

To apply, create a two-minute Snapchat story (it’s gotta be in English) and upload it on the official contest site.

WOW is looking for “someone creative, ambitious and fun with a passion for travel, good Snapchat storytelling abilities and of course, the WOW factor,” according to the SnapTraveler page.

But think fast: your Snap story is due May 8. Winners will be announced on WOW’s social media accounts on Tuesday, May 17.

What’s Up With WOW air

WOW, easily recognizable with its magenta planes, is a newer airline, founded in 2011 and serving 28 destinations in the U.S. and Europe. One of the major perks of flying on WOW is their free stopover option, where you can visit Iceland for a few days on the way to your destination.

There are a few trade-offs for flying cheap on WOW — you won’t find seat-back TVs, gratis snacks or free WiFi on these flights. But those amenities will be long forgotten if you get chosen to travel for free!

The Snapchat contest does have one obvious catch: if you don’t live near one of WOW’s destinations, you’ll have to foot the bill to get to the closest airport WOW flies from to board your flight.

There’s no word on whether winners will be expected to adhere to the airline’s strict baggage rules — which we’re guessing is one of the ways they make up the cash you save on your ridiculously cheap trans-Atlantic flights.

But you may as well pack light if you’re one of the chosen SnapTravelers. Carrying luggage is just a drag, and let’s be honest, you’ll need both hands for all those emojis.

Your Turn: Where in the world would you most want to snap from?

Lisa Rowan is a writer, editor and podcaster living in Washington, D.C. She thinks Keflavik Airport is a fine place for a stopover.