The 5 Weirdest Things We’ve Sold for Cash

Garage sale sign

Over the past few years my family has made close to $7000 by selling unwanted stuff from our closets.

My husband is a musician, and musicians have a lot of crap…er, gear, so that helped with our earnings. In addition to music equipment, we also sold books, CDs, video games, furniture, toys, and clothes – all stuff you’d expect to come from one’s closets.

But there were a few random things we sold that did surprisingly well. And had we not taken a few extra minutes to do our research, or not acted on those hunches of ours, we would have thrown these things away instead.

Here are some of the weirder things we sold.

1. Old magazines

For several years, my husband purchased the monthly issue of Guitar Techniques magazine religiously, until we decided to buckle down and tackle our debt, that is. Thankfully, he’s an information hoarder and he’d saved every single one. Instead of dumping them into the recycle bin while decluttering one day, we posted them on eBay, selling them in lots by year. All in all, we sold four lots, and made a total of $287.

Unfortunately not all magazines sell this well. If they did, my pop-culture hoarding mother would make a killing on her stash of People magazines. It tends to be magazines of an informational nature that sell the best.

2. A pile of bricks

The previous owners of our home left a stack of 500 bricks in our back yard. Thanks to their inability to finish whatever backyard improvement project they were planning, we made an extra $100 by selling their leftovers on Craigslist.

3. A guitar neck

I distinctly remember my husband saying, “no one would buy this.” When we were $120 richer after selling it on eBay, I may have said, “I told you so.” As we found out, music equipment doesn’t have to be whole in order for someone to buy it. Parts sell just the same.

4. A broken iPod

Heck, if it’s a relatively current electronic and it’s broken, there’s a good chance you can make a few dollars by selling it on eBay. In addition to the iPod, we also sold an iPhone 1G with a cracked face and a non-functioning Nintendo Wii.  Each of these items brought in around $30 apiece.

5. Vintage hardware

My parents inherited a set of Art Deco furniture from some of their friends. Inside one of the drawers was a bag of the original brass pulls, switched out by the previous owners. I had snatched them up several years ago, intending to use them for a craft project. The craft project never materialized, but $91 did when I sold the pulls on eBay.

So the next time you need some extra cash, take a second and think about decluttering your house. You know what they say, one man’s trash is another man’s eBay profit…or something like that.

Now it’s your turn. Have any of you been surprised by what people buy? Do share.

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