Weird Business #5: “How to Make Money Selling Macquariums”

Macquarium Fish Tank

TGIF! For this Friday's weird business feature I thought I would share a business that I previously operated….building Macquariums.

For those of you who don't know what a Macquarium is, allow me to explain. Macquariums are simply old Apple computers that have been transformed into usable aquariums. They typically house Betta fish which find them to be the perfect size home and require little upkeep.

They are extremely popular with the Apple crowd and hard to find, which is why I thought they would be a great business idea.

I started my business by building a prototype (which I still have to this day). Once I learned the best way to build them, I started looking for cheap or broken Apple computers that I could tear apart. This turned out to be the toughest part of the business, as even the ancient Apple computers can fetch a pretty penny.

However, with some determined hunting I was able to find a few on Craigslist and Ebay at a good price.

Building the Macquariums was easier than you would think. I preferred to make my aquariums out of the Apple G4 cube which is pictured above. It looked the most stylish and was the easiest to assemble. More or less, the process involved hallowing out the electronics from the acrylic cube and then perfectly cutting a piece of Plexiglas to superglue to the bottom of the case.

Once the aquariums were built I listed them on Craigslist and Etsy.com for $150 each. I sold my first six within two weeks. My margin was around 50% which left me with $425 in profit. Making the aquariums only took a few hours total, so It was well worth my time.

I stopped making my Macquariums as The Penny Hoarder blog began to take up more of my time, but I wanted to share this story with you so you could see how easy it is to start a business on the side. You don't necessarily need to pull your hair out building an empire. Small businesses can be exactly that…small.

If you are crafty or good with tools, start thinking about things that you could refurbish or re-purpose to sell. Heck, feel free to steal the Macquarium idea. Spend the weekend getting creative and figuring out what you can do to start generating some extra cash this month.

Before you head off and begin your assignment/enjoy your weekend, take a look at the picturee of my little Betta fish above. His name is Stevie and this him going for a swim today… 🙂

Good luck Penny Hoarders!

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