Weird Business #8: “Kid Entrepreneur Designs Best Selling iPhone App”

Owen Voorhees

Last week we featured a 14 year old kid entrepreneur who had become an overnight success selling candles for men and this week we have an even more impressive story about an 11 year old who has designed a best-selling iPhone app.

Meet Owen Voorhees. Owen and his 9 year old brother are responsible for the Math Time game that sells in the Apple App store. The idea behind Math Time is to give kids a cool way to practice their math flashcards via an iPhone or iPod. After being released in 2009, the app quickly rose to #13 on the best seller list for paid, educational apps. It’s impressive feat especially considering that Owen did all of the coding himself and his brother Finn designed the images in Photoshop.

The app sells for 99 cents and the boys get to keep 70% of the revenue, with the other 30% going to Apple. The Voorhees report that in just one day they sold 141 copies of the application, leaving them with a handsome $97.71 profit. Keep in mind that the boys were probably in school that day, so while the rest of their friends were playing Head-Up-7-Up, they were busy turning a buck.

It’s always been my dream to design and sell cell phone apps so that I could just live off the passive income. Hats off to these kids for actually doing it.

After the success of their first app, the boys launched a small software company called Squibner and have now developed a new iPhone app called LogMyRun which tracks the length and speed of your daily run. They are well on their way to becoming huge entrepreneurs and they aren’t even in middle school yet.

I think the thing I like about this story the most is that the apps are relatively simply. There’s no complex interface or fancy images. Just a good idea and some perseverance. Very cool.

Has anyone tried to develop and sell their own cell phone app?

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