Want to Write About Cute Animals From Home? Smithsonian Earth is Hiring

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“Call the Smithsonian, I’ve made a discovery,” croon The Avett Brothers on their newest album.

Well, Scott and Seth, I’ve made one, too: Smithsonian Networks is hiring!

The organization is looking for a freelance writer to work on the Facebook and Twitter channels of Smithsonian Earth, its wildlife and nature documentary service.

Work part time from home for one of the most prestigious institutions in the world? Oh, and you get to write about animals and nature?

Tell me where to sign up…

How to Work from Home for Smithsonian Earth

Words are at the core of this position. Your sole duty will be researching, writing and editing material for Smithsonian Earth’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The ideal candidate will “be comfortable writing engaging, scientifically-accurate copy that manages to walk the fine line between being entertaining and educational,” according to the listing.

You need two years of experience writing social media copy, and preferably, some experience writing about science and nature.

You also must be extraordinarily detail-oriented and have experience fact-checking and copy editing.

The position is remote and has a flexible schedule. Pay is hourly, with “competitive rates based on experience.”

To apply, send a resume and sample of your work through the Indeed job listing.

Before doing so, the listing notes you should visit the aforementioned social media pages to get a better understanding of the organization’s writing style.

Even if you’re not applying for the gig, I recommend it — you’ll find photos of “pocket-sized marsupials” and a BABY OTTER BEING FED BY A SYRINGE.

And BTW, if those photos don’t make your day, you’re clearly not meant for this job.

Your Turn: Do you adore the Smithsonian? Will you apply?

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