Know English Well? This Tech Startup’s Hiring a Work-From-Home Communicator

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So you wanna work for a tech startup. But you don’t know how to code.

If you are a good communicator, don’t fret: I’ve got a job for you.

Toptal, a growing tech startup that connects companies with software engineers, is looking for a communication specialist.

And you don’t need any specialized tech skills — just a strong handle on the English language and software technology — PLUS you get to work from anywhere.

Here are the deets…

How to Become a Communication Specialist for Toptal

As a communication specialist for Toptal, your main duty will be to “assess the English language and technical proficiency of developers joining our freelancer network.”

To do this, you’ll screen resumes, conduct phone interviews and become best friends with Skype.

You must have excellent English language ability yourself (obvs!), great phone and communication skills, a “solid understanding of software technology” and the desire to “work flexible hours in an unstructured environment.”

The company also prefers candidates have previous experience teaching English or working for a multinational company.

You’ll work from anywhere with an internet connection, and though pay isn’t specified, I’ve reached out to the company and will update you here if I get more information.

Lastly, Toptal says you must be a “world-class individual contributor.” In other words: “You will not be here just to tell other people what to do.”

Think that sounds like you? Click here to learn more.

Your Turn: Does this Toptal job interest you?

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