Two Ways to Find Small Business Savings

A huge part of running a small business is not just looking for ways to increase revenue, but also looking for ways to improve the bottom line by cutting expenses.  There are many different ways that small businesses can save on expenses, and here is a short list.


Almost every small business has to deal with utility expenses – even online businesses.  What many small business owners fail to realize is that almost all utility costs are negotiable, and that you can save money by working with your utility provider.

Some common utility companies that small businesses have to deal with include the gas and electricity provider, the telephone provider, and the internet service provider.  Each of these utilities has different pricing structures that you may be able to take advantage of as a small business.

Furthermore, there are a lot of companies out there that can help you save money on utilities. A good example is Make It Cheaper, which specializes in helping businesses uncover cost savings across a range of different products and services.  They offer free and impartial advice, and are focused on business-only cost savings.

With plenty of expertise in their field, Make It Cheaper has been offering customers solutions for the problems of sky-high energy bills. They have been very successful in saving thousands of customers money, and in 2010 alone, they helped save their clients a staggering £40 million by helping them to pay less for both gas and electricity.

Make It Cheaper were founded in 2007 and, from their office in Central London, supply free advice to over 4.5 million SMEs. They do their best to make their advice on saving money on utility bills simple and impartial.


Another common area where companies sometimes face large expenses is software.  A lot of the mainstream business software costs large sums of money, especially if you need to get licenses for multiple workstations.

A good option for many small businesses is to look for coupons and online discounts at places like Tradus (you can usually find tradus coupon codes here). There are also a lot of free options available to accomplish most tasks if you look around.  For example, Google offers a great suite of products, including email, word processing, and spread sheets, all for free.

Furthermore, Google allows you to store these files online for free (up to a certain limit), and allows for free collaboration for documents and spreadsheets.  A similar suite of programs could cost you over $300 to get the same amount of features.

Make sure that you are looking online and doing your homework prior to spending any money purchasing software for your small business, as there may be options already available to you.

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