12 Annoying Things You’ll Relate to If You Have a Work-From-Home Job

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There’s a lot to love about working from home, but I’m going to level with you.

It can also be a soul-sucking experience that makes you question your sanity and life choices.

For one thing, anyone who says working from home reduces distractions is a lying liarface. Between my insolent pets and never ending chore list, there’s always an animal, load of laundry or dusty coffee table vying for my attention.

In some ways, having a job that requires you to leave the house beats the daylights out of working from home. If you need convincing, take a look at 12 things no one warns you about when you have a work from home job.

1. People think you goof off all day so you constantly hear, “Can you watch my kid, walk my dog, water my plants, pick me up at the airport, meet me for coffee?”

2. You miss a lot of inside jokes that crop up among co-workers during the course of a day.

3. You also miss all the snacks, birthday cakes and surprise donuts.

4. Let’s face it. You pretty much miss everything that happens when you’re not in the office.

5. Holy smokes, the loneliness and isolation is a drag.

6. You spend so much time in your desk chair that it eventually becomes a part of your body.

7. You get to a point where you’ll try anything to entertain yourself during downtime between projects or calls.

8. If you freelance or run your own business, stalking the mailbox for your next check is no fun.

9. Meetings go on without you if your internet flakes. (Bonus: Sometimes your coworkers won’t even notice you’ve dropped off the call.)

10. You will never know the joy of an unexpected work-from-home day when the weather is bad or the power goes out at the office.

11. Your co-workers forget who you are.

12. Your posture sucks because you don’t have to sit up straight in your chair and look professional. (I see you slouching right now.)

Lisa McGreevy is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder. She wrote this from her home office while her colleagues stuffed themselves with pizza during the company book club meeting. No, she’s not sad about that AT ALL.  

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