What to Look for in your eCommerce Software

After deciding to go with a business incorporation instead of a sole proprietorship, your funds are now somewhat drained. Just one problem: You still need an eCommerce site, and paying thousands upon thousands for a designer or the latest software might not be affordable. While innumerable eCommerce software solutions exist, it is important to know what important features you should look for when choosing a platform for your online store. Otherwise, you’re throwing your money away. Below is a list of features you need for your online shop.

1. Effective Storefronts

The storefront is the most important thing to get right in your online store. It is your first introduction to new shoppers, and the familiar face that returning customers will come back to. You should be able to place your logo in an ideal position, offer customizable designs, include tools for sharing products with larger online communities like Facebook, and have attractive ways to present your products to your target market.

2. Marketing Tools

Marketing tools like coupons, discount codes, wish lists, and email marketing integration will drive more traffic to your site and boost sales.

3. Social Commerce Integration

The social web is nothing new, and without integration to major social networks, your store might get left behind. It is essential to have Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest integration. You should also have the ability to connect to your target markets’ other significant social networks.

4. Payment Tools

If your payment system is poorly designed, it will drive away potential customers and limit the closing rate of your online shop. A usable, efficient payment processing option is a vital tool for any successful store. You might also consider PayPal integration and quick checkouts.

5. Shipping Support

Getting your products out to your customers in a timely, reliable manner will ensure that they come back for repeat business, recommend your store to their friends, and spread the word about your products throughout their social network connections. The ability to print shipping labels and have order tracking will help you serve the shoppers who choose your site.

6. Blog Features

Being able to blog about your products, offers, and services is an extremely useful branding capability to make your solution stand out amongst the multitudes of other online retailers. Blogs can also become effective channels for communicating with shoppers and advertising sales.

7. Excellent Design

Internet users are becoming more and more appreciative of good design on the web, and your ability to put your best foot forward with a visually appealing, usable store is a sure-fire way to ensure that users will be able to navigate your site effectively without design problems getting in the way. Customizable templates and graphic features will ensure that your site will speak to your brand and communicate it to your customers.

8. Mobile Commerce

More consumers are turning to mobile devices for their experiences on the web. Choosing an eCommerce software with mobile integration will ensure that you don’t get left behind.

9. SEO

No one will be able to make purchases in your store front if they can’t find it. Make sure that your eCommerce software includes SEO-friendly URLs, integration with Google analytics, and the ability to customize site tags.

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