Are You a Word Nerd? This Bookish Job is Bound to Be Perfect for You

man reading through papers at home
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Have you ever written a letter to the editor of your local paper to gripe about silly spelling mistakes?

Is your idea of a good time curling up in your pajamas with a thick, heavy book?

If so, you’re probably a grammar geek.

Don’t worry, you’re among friends. And if you have a year of editing experience, you’re also eligible for a side gig that will let you work from home and set your own hours.

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Work From Home With These Part-Time Editing Jobs

Elite Editing, a New York City-based proofreading, editing and writing company, is looking for freelance editors for what it describes as a “major client project.”

The job is remote, and you don’t have to log specific hours as long as you meet deadlines, according to the posting on Indeed. It’s a contract-based gig that pays by the word.

The job posting does not say how much you get paid or for how long the contract runs, but we’ve reached out to the company for more information and will update this post as soon as we hear back.

The posting does note you’ll be required to edit between two and four manuscripts a month — child’s play for us grammar geeks!

While the listing mentions guidance, feedback, support and encouragement from management among the perks, you should know Elite Editing has mixed reviews on Glassdoor. Some former freelancers complained about low pay for the time they put in.

And beware: You might get stuck with a Ph. D dissertation.

Requirements for This Work-From-Home Job

Here are some requirements for the job based on the job listing and a description of editors on Elite Editing’s website:

  • One year of editing experience
  • A degree from a U.S. college
  • Be a native English speaker

You’ll have to pass the company’s “patented editing and proofreading test,” which they say is tough, and sign a confidentiality agreement.

If this sounds like your dream job, click here to apply.

And, regardless of the outcome, keep up your grammar vigilance — writers like me depend on it.

Alex Mahadevan is a data journalist at The Penny Hoarder.