Netflix is Hiring Someone to Work From Home and Watch Kids Movies All Day

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Do you love kids movie and television shows?

It’s OK — you can admit it. We’re all still kids at heart, at least a little.

I’ll go first: I love holidays at my parents’ house, because we pull out our old Disney movies on VHS. My favorite is “The Little Mermaid,” and I like to dance to “Under the Sea” in the living room with my sisters.

We say it’s for the grandkids, but — come on.

If you enjoy a cozy afternoon with Mickey, Dora, Nemo or Abu (remember Abu!?), you might be able to turn it into a moneymaker.

This Netflix Job Lets You Tag Kids Content

Netflix is hiring a kids content tagger to join its Enhanced Content Kids team. In this remote position, you’ll get paid to binge-watch Netflix.

No kidding. Get the popcorn ready.

A content tagger’s job is to help identify which content belongs in Netflix Kids profiles, for ages 0 to 12, and to tag those shows and movies to help viewers find something to watch.

You know those uber-specific categories on Netflix, like “Starring Kids With Funny Hats” or “Movies to Make You Laugh and Then Nap While Mommy Eats Lunch”? It’d be your job to lock those in.

OK, I made up these particular categories — but they’re not far off, right?

Specifically, your duties will include:

  • Tagging kids content to categorize for different ages and themes
  • Backtagging projects that update titles when new tags are added or removed
  • Occasional special projects, like testing experimental tagging processes

Because they’re central to the job, you should genuinely love kids entertainment media and know it well.

This a cool work-from-home job for parents who are immersed in the media anyway! That’s if you can get your little ones to let you watch something other than that one movie over and over again…

This is a part-time, one-year, remote position. You’ll work about 15 hours per week and report through a third-party agency.

Wondering what it’s like to be a content tagger? Read our overview, including a day in the life of one Netflix content tagger.

To apply: Upload your resume or apply through LinkedIn here.

Your Turn: What is your dream work-from-home job?

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