It’s Not All About the Bride. Here’s How Grooms Can Save on Wedding Costs

A groom kisses his bride while holding a calculator
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Even though it may seem like weddings are all about the bride, grooms should be just as invested in planning the big day. That includes coming up with smart ways to save money.

“Grooms should be involved in wedding planning because a wedding is a union of two people as a couple, and therefore the process of reaching that day should be a shared one,” said Jason Mitchell Kahn, owner of Jason Mitchell Kahn and Co., a wedding and event planning company based in New York and Los Angeles.

“Ultimately, it’s the couples and their families who pay for this event,” he said.

With the average couple spending nearly $34,000 on their big day, according to The Knot, finding ways to cut costs is a must. Here are a few ways grooms, specifically, can save.

Look Dapper Without Going Into Debt

Renting your wedding attire is an obvious way grooms can save money. But don’t dismiss buying your suit or tux, Kahn said, if it’s something you believe you’ll get future use out of.

Unlike the one-time-use lifespan of most bridal gowns, purchasing a classic suit or tux means you don’t have to spend money later on when attending a formal event.

“Having a wedding is a perfect opportunity to get the one that fits you great and looks wonderful and that you’ll be able to reuse for multiple other occasions in your life,” Kahn said.

He recommends browsing brands to discover which style you like and then keeping an eye out for when big department stores like Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s have sales.

“If you target days like that when you can really optimize savings, you can really reduce the costs,” Kahn said.

And if you buy your suit and later realize you don’t have much reason to keep it, you can recuperate some of the expense by selling it online.

Think Outside the Box With Your Wedding Ring

Like the promise you make in your vows, your wedding ring is supposed to last forever. But if you think that requires a huge investment, you may be surprised.

Bands made from alternative materials, like tungsten, cobalt or stainless steel — yes, just like your refrigerator — are popular right now and very affordable. While a gold ring can easily run several hundred dollars, a stainless steel band rings in at under $50. Plus, it’s practically indestructible, checking off the “lasts forever” box.

If you do choose a more expensive material like gold, silver or platinum, a simple band that isn’t elaborate with inlaid diamonds, hand-engraving or other custom features can save you money.

Kahn also offered this creative, personal money-saving idea: Get a local jeweler to take old jewelry you already own (or buy cheaply) and use that metal to make a wedding band.

Give Gifts That Reflect the Event

Wedding tradition dictates buying gifts for your groomsmen to thank them for standing by you on your big day — plus a token of love for your soon-to-be spouse.

For your groomsmen, Kahn said to think about gifting them accessories they can wear on the wedding day — and beyond.

“If you’re trying to get all your groomsmen to have a unified look, what would typically be a cost for them is to buy their new suit and the entire look that would go with it,” Kahn said. “Give all your groomsmen a tie that you picked out and is personal rather than just something that comes from a rental showroom — or a pair of cufflinks or socks or a pocket square that they’ll be able to keep but will also unify them on the day.”

Even if you’re on a budget, don’t skip on the gift for your bride. Instead, Kahn recommends focusing on something sentimental rather than pricy.

“Write something really beautiful to your bride on the day that she’ll be able to save forever, even if it’s text that you put in a frame about the promise you want to give to her,” he suggested.

A precious memento saved from your first date or a family heirloom to symbolize how she’s becoming a part of your family will also tug at the heartstrings.

Tame Down the Bachelor Party

While bachelor party planning is typically left up to the best man and groomsmen, a groom’s say can keep a lid on how much money will be shelled out.

“Rather than having it as a destination weekend, just [have] a bachelor day in your local city,” Kahn said.

You can save big by cutting out the cost of travel and lodging, while still enjoying a memorable day with your pals at your favorite haunts.

Plus, unless you happen to live in Sin City, your bride can rest assured knowing you won’t ever tell her “what happens in Vegas…”

Nicole Dow is a senior writer at The Penny Hoarder.