Teachers, Here’s When to Visit Chipotle for Buy One, Get One Free Burritos

Photo courtesy of Chipotle

From free burritos for all humans to free burritos for mini-humans in soccer uniforms, Chipotle has given us our fair share of promotions throughout the years. Not to mention that overpriced queso.

But we do get excited about this annual promotion, because it goes to some of the most deserving, hardworking people out there: our nation’s teachers.

Here are all the yummy details.

How to Get BOGO Chipotle on Teacher Appreciation Day

On Tuesday, May 8, in celebration of Teacher Appreciation Day, educators can get BOGO Chipotle burritos, burrito bowls, salads or tacos.

What’s super cool is that educators of ALL kinds are eligible.

Teachers, faculty and staff at all levels, including preschool, elementary, middle/high school and university, and home-schooling parents can take advantage of the deal, according to Chipotle.

Ready for your buy one, get one burrito?

Just bring an empty stomach and your school or home-school ID to the nearest Chipotle after 3 p.m. May 8.

And before you go, don’t forget your extra-credit reading: how to get a bigger burrito for the same price.

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